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  • Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side?

    When you get into an accident thanks to the carelessness of someone else, the chances are that you’re feeling a ton of stress, frustration, and anger right now. First of all, your priority should be recovering and getting back to your healthy state. However, you should also be thinking about getting a personal injury lawyer […]

  • Google’s next pixel phone may get curved screen as well

    Every time when consumers think there is nothing more for tech giant Google to come up with, they get surprised with an upgrade. This year’s hottest trend of curved screens has also enticed Google to introduce this screen to on the follow-up of its Pixel flagship phone according to a report. Google has recently planned […]

  • High paying jobs from home

    Living in what some people call The Gig Economy, creating a living through a patchwork of part-time jobs has become a trend. People mostly work from home for these jobs but it does not mean they compromise on their wages. Many people do work on entry level and non-professional roles but it is not limited […]

  • Illegal Activities by Insurance Companies

    5 Possible Bad Faith Activities by Insurance Companies

    When it comes to personal injury cases, you definitely want everyone on your side, right? Personal injury isn’t something to mess around with – you just want your proper compensation as fast as possible so you can focus on the road to recovery. That’s the most important thing. However, there are times when insurance companies […]

  • Steps to Choosing the Right Accident Lawyer

    The Steps to Choosing the Right Accident Lawyer

    When it comes to the lawyer who’s going to represent you in your accident case, you definitely want the best person for the job, right? This is something that’s super personal for you and you deserve getting the right amount of compensation for your physical and mental suffering. However, there’s a right and a wrong […]

  • 7 Amazing Home Renovation Ideas

    7 Amazing Ideas for Home Renovation

    Home remodels basically transform your home into an artist’s canvas. You suddenly become Picasso and it’s your job to transform your home into something incredible. However, with great creativity comes great responsibility (that’s the quote, right?). You may find yourself sitting down with a notepad to come up with ideas and find your mind blank. […]

  • Do Freelancing and Bitcoin coincide for good?

    Over the past five years, the number of freelancers in America has doubled. Now there are 53 million freelancers working in the country. Even people doing freelancing part-time, have increased three times in number, and contribute 20% of the entire freelancer’s group. This number of freelancers is expected to increase 50% of the US workforce […]

  • Standard Chartered taking mobile banking to the next level, introduces biometric technology across Asia, Africa and Middle East

    Standard Chartered on their website today has announced that it will be introducing new, innovative fingerprint and voice biometric technologies in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Clients will be able to access their bank accounts using their fingerprint or voice recognition. Standard Chartered would be the first international bank in many regions who will be reaching […]