High paying jobs from home

Living in what some people call The Gig Economy, creating a living through a patchwork of part-time jobs has become a trend. People mostly work from home for these jobs but it does not mean they compromise on their wages. Many people do work on entry level and non-professional roles but it is not limited to just a few jobs.

There are many professionals who pursue their dreams of telecommuting jobs that not even pay extremely well but help them proceed with their careers. These jobs pay them according to their skills and experiences and benefit them through their journey.

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Following is the list of jobs that are considered as high-paying jobs for professionals who want to work from home.

Software engineer / Developer:

Being a software engineer does not mean you have to work in an office. Professional developers and software engineers can work from home and perform the activities just like an office worker. The median hourly rate for a software engineer/developer/programmer is $58.85.

Telemedicine Physician:

It is a bit rare work from home role but it pays extremely well. Telemedicine physicians can earn up to $140 per hour but it mainly depends on their location and practice experience. The median hourly rate for telemedicine physician/general practitioner/doctor is $81.63.

Project manager:

Being project manager requires a person to keep track of every phase, managing deadlines and arranging everything properly. With the advancement in technology, this job has become more refined and the median hourly rate for project manager is $45.95.

Data Scientists:

This job does requires a good 10-15 years of experience  but even beginners can find jobs that can allow them flexibility in terms of telecommuting. The median hourly rate for data scientists is $37.05.

Tax preparer/Advisor:

CPA or enrolled agents who are familiar with taking work pressure at one particular time of the year i.e. tax season, this is the perfect job for them. The median hourly rate for a tax preparer or an advisor is $22.08.

Via: Business Insider

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