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Want to learn from my life experiences?

“You wanted to know more about me, my freelance journey. I’ve decided to put together my experiences in a book.”

This book could potentially show you a way to ace to the top in online world.
Internet is a reality and the world needs to understand it today.

Follow me on YouTube. I am teaching Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Communication, Blogging and many more skills.
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    A Book that can change your life / Take Control Of Your Life. No One Else Should Do it.

    Face Your Fears To Step On The Road To Success:

    Internet is an amazing world. It is hard to know who to believe. There are billions making ridiculous claims, insane to say the least. My experience as a freelancer has been a smooth ride but now the times have changed. The challenges are new and the competition is fierce. You need to learn how to cope up with ever rising challenges and become the “smartest” in your field.

    Internet is survival of the “smartest”. not necessarily the smartest of the “fittest” as we have always been taught in offline world.

    I am a PROOF – Yes, you can!

    In This book you will learn:

    • The dumbest can survive in this world.
    • Why you should follow your passion?
    • How you can go against the rules and why?
    • Its the survival of the smartest.
    • Why do you need to stop paying heed to outer voice.
    • My Ten rules of success.
    • Love your thing.
    • Have a great support system, it helps!
    • Money is a byproduct of success.
    • The rough dynamics of online world.


    I am freelance by choice, teacher by accident and God knows what’s next. I was laid off from my job in late 90’s and ever since, I am self employed.
    Thanks to the internet, the opportunities it holds are unlimited.

    My introduction to the internet was a pure accident too. In this book, I have compiled few of interesting life experiences, history and how I scaled my success on the internet within few years.

    To know more about me, follow my YouTube page and Facebook page

    See you on the other side!

    Just some random students success stories…..Just random….5000+ success stories require a lot of bandwith so showcasing just a handful.

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    Seekhna Seekho eBook by Hisham Sarwar