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  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp to support locked voice recordings

    Those who use the WhatsApp voice recording feature regularly know how annoying it is. If you have to record a long voice message, you have to press the mic button all the time. At times it also happens that when you are recording a long voice message, half way through a call comes in on […]

  • iphone x face lock issue

    Ten Year Old Unlocks His Mom’s iPhone X with His Face

    After our last post about the glitch of iPhone X Face ID, here comes another video. Despite of the claim by Apple that chances of Face ID failing is one in million, a ten year old in a YouTube video demonstrates how he could easily unlock his mom’s iPhone X. In the video uploaded by […]

  • China

    China’s supercomputers ace to world dominance and win over US

    Supercomputers are the enormous machines that have the ability to occupy entire buildings. By reconstructing billions of years of the universe’s history, these computers are helpful in simulating nuclear weapons explosions, designing aircraft, investigating the cosmos etc. For the first time, China has been able to dominate the list of 500 fastest computers and has […]

  • can bceoming rich

    Can becoming rich help improve my life?

    Is it possible for an every man to become rich? Can becoming rich help improve my life? Would having more money allow me to achieve my dreams easier? There are many questions out there that we ask ourselves and the answer is sometimes not an easy one. In order to accomplish anything in life, we […]

  • alibaba

    Alibaba smashed its single’s day record as sales crossed $25 billion

    Alibaba’s sales from the last year’s Singles day were $17.8 billion and this year, it only needed 12 hours to beat that record. Alibaba cleans the house on the biggest online shopping day in all year. The Chinese mega e-Commerce website sold over $25 billion of products in one day making it a all time record. This year’s Chinese […]