Freelancing in COVID-19 – Here’s All You Need To Learn To Ace At Online Work

I am back with another eBook. This time in English. Although this book is not the translation of Urdu version “SeekhnaSeekho” but it has almost about everything you ever wanted to know about freelancing and online work.

In the time of COVID-19 Pandemic where everybody is forced to stay at home, people are losing their jobs and God knows what the future is going to look like in the weeks ahead.

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I have gathered all important topics that could educate you about the importance of learning Freelancing, learning a skill so you could potentially prepare yourself for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow is uncertain and since this virus is one of its kind the world has seen this century, we literally do not even know the future of work.

Freelancing gives you freedom. It is a way to experience self-employment while staying at home and stop worrying about finding a full-time job, especially, in this strange era of crisis where people are finding it hard to hang onto their full-time jobs.

Employers are firing their employees. No complaints, if the businesses are finding it hard to have a regular workstream, how can we expect them to continue paying the salaries to their staff?

This is the very reason Freelancing is far more important today than it ever had been. The future is about the survival of the fittest. The best will grab the money and grow and what better way to do it than freelancing.

Learning new skills is not difficult. There are many online opportunities worth grabbing. Even Harvard has made some of its online courses absolutely free for a limited time. Udemy, BitDegree have made some of their high-cost, high selling courses free to facilitate people learn new skills and head to the online world and offer their skills to make money.

I would request you to go through this eBook. Try to understand the concept of freelancing and work from home and start building your online presence gradually.

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In this eBook. I have discussed many unknown secrets to ace as a freelancer on different freelance marketplaces and also have highlighted the importance of staying organized while working from home for optimum output and excellent efficiency.

Wishing you all the best and happy learning.

Best Wishes,

Hisham Sarwar
Being Guru

Learn Freelancing eBook
Learn Freelancing eBook
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