COVID-19, Practice these 4 simple ways to delegate stress

At first, it was due to workload but now it has become natural. As we try to understand or even try to go back to normalcy, we as people are worried that the world we left isn’t the world we came out to be.

With a global lockdown, million of layoffs, death tolls and an economic fallout like no other. Every person is a social animal, one requires the minimum social interaction to fuel its intellect and curiosity. Being isolated does the opposite, it make us miserable, depressed and agitated

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Stress is the basis that formulates plans that help us face new challenges. This feeling helps us sharpen attention at the same time boost our immune system but it can be fatal as it has always been designed for hours, not weeks or months. When that happens you are no longer stressed but depressed and that can be harmful to you and your family members

That is why it is advised that in this time we need to manage our stress, we don’t have control over the outcomes but we do have control over who we are. Being calm means you may have some control over it but stress is neither calm nor it is easy. It’s a threat that fights you to the core of your mindset.

Here are 4 ways in which you can delegate stress

Breathe in, Breath Out

Take one really long breath for 10 seconds and exhale for longer than 10 seconds. Set your goal for the day and be thankful to God that it has given you another day. Remember, put your feet down.

Diet and Care

Self-care at these times is essentials. It sounds simple as I write this but isn’t. We all are in isolation mode. Having a good night’s sleep is crucial as your brain works on regularity, not variety.  Stress gives us sleepless nights if the long-form is hard to do than divide the long-form into short form. If you have a hard time sleeping the 8 hours, divide them to 4 hours each. This way you will get the optimal sleep you require.

Research has proven that if you have a healthy diet infection is less likely to function. Your immune system is weak when you at home as your brain consider this safe. Due to that nature, it is advised to have a healthy diet to give you the fiber boost that you require the most.


Being separated from society means being cut off. Social isolation may lead to harmful effects such as suicide and more loneliness. We were already damaged goods now we are hopelessly gone to the dire end. This is a time to connect to people you have not connected to. Time to practice compassion, empathy, and humility.

Call people who have made a difference in your life. Like teachers, friends and even enemies. Ask them how are they, use them to fuel your social isolation so you don’t feel isolated anymore.


Develop a long term goal of what you want to do as time progresses the news only gets uglier. You get to define your challenges by defining your values. Take inspiration, develop a mindset of a greater hope as you understand the doctors and the first responders, they work day and night in order to be the tip of a spear for normalcy. Forge ahead.

Life is showing you the forest, its time you walk it.


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