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  • Fiverr Peshawar community meetup

    Peshawar hosts Fiverr Community Meetup

    Peshawar has finally been successful to host its very first official Fiverr community meetup after innumerable requests and a lot of hard work from the freelance community of Peshawar. The freelance community in Peshawar has grown tremendously over the years and plenty of opportunities are coming in to the city for the talented freelancers. The […]

  • hisham-sarwar

    What is freelancer and what is freelancing?

    Today, freelancing has gone mainstream as employers rely more on independent workers to sustain and grown their businesses. But these are particularly different kind of workers from the current cubicle crowd. In the cubicle world, workers are given assignments to complete and chase the next assignment. Freelancers never stick to just one task, they network […]

  • 1

    The Best Blogging Advice: Find Your Place

    Blogging advice? Find your place? What place? If I start off my conversion with someone who wants to start blogging and wants to learn it. That would be the reaction probably. So, I decided to write about it. It sounds convoluting. FIND YOUR PLACE! It took me almost 8 years to figure this out. I […]

  • empower-pakistan

    Want to win $1000 in prize and a trip to USA?

    The university of Delaware has partnered with Empower Pakistan to host the famous Diamond Challenge in Pakistan. It is an international program Created by the University of Delaware Horn Program in Entrepreneurship in 2012. It gives an opportunity to teens to learn entrepreneurship and unleash their amazing ideas. If you are a high school entrepreneur […]

  • screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-09-55

    Learn this programming language, if you are new to coding

    Breaking into a technical field requires an individual to have skills that are most demanded in the industry. Around the world, coding is becoming the most in-demand skill as more and more companies are now relying on computer codes. There are so many languages to learn for developers which enable them to write readable codes. […]

  • earn-money

    Top 50 Sites That Pay Good To Writers 8th Edition, Next 5’

    Incomes the 7th Edition of Top 50 websites that pay excellent to the writers for article writing services. 36. Simple talk: Niche/Category:  IT/Tech Amount per Post: Unspecified Payment Method: Unspecified Payment into confirmed on website: Partially This is a highly popular journal with articles relating to Sys.Admin, SQL.Net or anything IT related. It is read […]

  • earn-money-7th-edition

    Top 50 Sites That Pay Good To Writers ‘7th Edition, Next 5’

    Incomes the 7th Edition of Top 50 websites that pay excellent to the writers for article writing services. Have you started working on any of the sites yet?. If yes, how is your experience so far. Please share in comments box. 31. DesertUSA: Niche/Category:  Geology/Wildlife/Adventure Amount per Post: $50 Payment Method: Unspecified Payment into confirmed […]

  • top-freelance-skills

    20 Fastest Growing Freelance Skills in Second Quarter, 2016

    According to Upwork, the world’s largest freelance website with millions of US dollars exchanged in a year, here is the newly released index of fastest growing freelance skills in Q2 in USA. Also See: Freelancing Websites to find freelance work The 20 fastest-growing skills, Q2 2016: User experience design ASP development Shopify development English proofreading SEO […]

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