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    6 Cost-cutting habits every freelancer must develop

    Freelancers love their freedom of being their own boss, having their own schedules, and having to choose their finances themselves. Having to choose a financial freedom, this attracts most of the people towards freelancing. But the sense of freedom can most of the time obstruct a freelancer’s journey to financial independence. For a freelancer, it […]

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    UpWork releases 20 Fastest growing Freelance skills in Q3

    Upwork is one of the largest freelancing marketplace website. We previous covered 2017 – Q2 fastest growing skills. Today, Upwork has released its newest quarterly index of the hottest skills in the freelance marketplace. “Freelancers realize how quickly the skills needed are evolving and are the most proactive members of the workforce, reskilling much more frequently than […]

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    An entire MBA in one course — for just $15

    Mashable offers an online MBA course that is Everything You Need to Know About Business From Start-up to IPO. Compiled by an experienced former Goldman Sachs employee and venture capitalist, the course has: Access 63 lectures & 7.5 hours of content Learn how to launch a company from scratch, network for customers, & raise money quickly […]

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    5 Different Types of Affiliate Promotional Methods

    The one secret to successful affiliate business is the right choice of the promotional media according to your needs and requirements. It depends on, if the affiliate wants the free methods of promotion or can spend some money on promoting affiliate programs. This article will introduce some main methods to use for promoting affiliate programs […]

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    10 Tips To Design Awesome Logos

    Designing a logo may seem simple enough in theory, but is it really? As a design company, clients are paying you to do more than draw a circle with a couple designs in it; with over 1 million design companies, and crowd sourcing options where you can save, how do you differentiate the many logo […]

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    The Internet Makes Freelancer Work Promising

    The freelancer has been on the work scene for many years however the name takes on new meaning in today’s world of the internet. In the past, those doing freelancer work were usually independent reporters, artists, novelists, and translators. All of them had to use much slower methods for turning in work and finding work […]

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    4 Ways to grow your brand on Instagram

    Just knowing that mobile marketing is important for any brand isn’t enough; you must build an actionable strategy for providing a great mobile experience to users across all the content. This is essential for a brand’s visibility among the social networks. Among all the social networks, Instagram is today’s widely used networks that help build […]

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    9 Highest paying jobs for millennials according to a survey

    Hunt for a job that pays highest seems more daunting than getting into college. For the millennial cohort, this is a bit more difficult. But the researches have proved that careers of millennial can be most promising than others. Being the most educated generation thus far, millennial a does have to make a tough run […]

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    3 proven ways you can earn money online for lifetime

    People consider online earning as a difficult thing to do. In reality, it is actually opposite. The reason for this confusion is, people search on Internet how to earn money online and they end up landing on the scam sites that take their money up-front and rip them off. That one off bad experience puts […]

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    Build An App yourself without any programming experience through these easy to use tools

    Build An App Of Your Own Through These Easy App Development Tools for Mobile Application development has become an essential tool for business generation in the ever evolving brands pool. Mobile Apps can be developed by: Hiring a professional Apps development Agency DIY (do it yourself) tools Business owners can decide the app development method […]

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    Upwork releases the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers in Q2 2017

    Upwork, the largest and most successful freelancing website has released the latest quarterly index of most in demand skills in the U.S freelance job market. To view the 1st quarter most wanted skills, click here. Q2 hottest in demand skills are: Virtual reality Natural language processing Econometrics Learning Management System (LMS) Neural networks Penetration testing […]