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    Among seven universities from Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam University on Top

    Throughout different countries of the world, there are different ranking systems for universities. Special attention is paid toward the evaluation of universities at the national as well as international level. Our nature as a scholarly society compels us to magnify those universities that come up with the international standards. According to the Time Higher Education […]


    Track your Wallet and get notified when Stolen

    Chased back to the days of early Greeks, the world did not begin calling them wallets. Wallets did not shrink quickly, they became pouches of smaller leather containers, but it wasn’t until the middle of 20th century that wallets began to resemble today’s version. Much innovation couldn’t be brought to wallets as it was basically […]

  • Apple iPhone 8

    iPhone 8 will cause drop in Samsung’s sales, says a report

    If iPhone 8 rumors are accurate, the next flagship device by Apple will deliver a setback to the Samsung’s new device. The recent forecasts suggest that Samsung might face a drop in sales of its Galaxy S8 due to Apple’s iPhone 8. Millions of Galaxy fans are impatiently waiting for the launch of Galaxy S8 […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.23.19

    Google’s new app lets parents control their kid’s use of phones

    Today’s technology has provided consumers with an infinite number of options to spend their time. Ranging from on-demand videos on television to smartphones to tablet and computers, the possibilities are endless. But this advancement has posed a threat to parent’s control over their kids. It has become a challenge for them to find the most […]

  • peshawar zalmi

    Peshawar Zalmi donate 10 percent of win bonus to Shaukat Khanum hospital

    PSL 2017 winner, Peshawar Zalmi’s boss Javed Afridi has announced on Twitter that his team will donate 10 percent of win bonus to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Peshawar.   10% of Winning Bonus frm @PeshawarZalmi Championship,we will donate to @SKMCH Peshawar.As promised to bring back the smiles on the faces. — Javed Afridi (@JAfridi10) […]

  • facebook Stories

    Facebook introduces Snapchat-like Stories on main wall

    Facebook ever ending love of Snapchat’s feature seems to know no boundaries. The SnapChat Stories feature was copied to all platform Facebook owns such as Instagram, WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger. This time around, the Stories feature is coming to none other than the Facebook itself. For heavy usage social media users who love to […]

  • Youtube Uptime

    YouTube Launches Uptime to watch videos with friends

    What’s better than watching an awesome YouTube video with your friends? A brand new app has been created in order to make watching videos with friends a better and easier experience. A team from Google’s internal incubator Area 120 has launched an app that feels very different from YouTube’s other experiences. It is called Uptime […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.15.21

    Microsoft’s take on Slack

    After the dramatic rise of Slack, Microsoft has been planning to provide users a much better option. It recently announced its communication platform Team in order to rival the Slack service. The service by Microsoft comes with great additional features including mobile audio calls as well as video calls on Android. iOS and Windows mobile […]

  • Venture App

    VentureApp wants to be WhatsApp, secures $4M funding

    VentureApp is aimed at making business messaging easier. To provide for user’s professional and business needs, this app wants to serve as an online and mobile chat hub. Up till now, $4 million of funding is led by Accomplice along with investment from Full stack Ventures, Boston Seed Capital. The company previously started for focusing […]

  • Kristy Shen

    How career changed the perspective of money for one engineer who saved $1 million

    Decision making is considered one of the most fundamental yet complex psychological processes performed by the human being on regular basis. That happens because humans perform a variety of tasks for which they execute numerous decisions every day. But computer engineers take decision-making from a different perspective; they approach issues relatively pragmatically and logically. This […]

  • facebook

    Facebook flagging the fake news

    Mark Zuckerberg has stated repeatedly that the aim of his social networking website Facebook is to show people the content that is most meaningful and accurate. The company do not by any means favors the hoaxes or fake news on the website and has made many efforts to remove such content from the platform. During […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 17.05.20

    Apple’s big 5.8 OLED screen on iPhone 8

    With rumors speculating about Apple’s 10th-anniversary device, it seems the company has finally decided to switch to the curved. The most recent rumor report suggests that the iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch curved screen along with a small bezel. The low-end models will be having smaller screens in comparison to the premium device. The […]

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