• htc

    HTC’s phone keyboard is displaying ads to users and it is annoying

    It’s the case of free apps that voluntarily put your phone for ads. The big issue is that phone owners are delivered with ads without warning which creates an irritable situation for the, recently, HTC owners seem to be dealing with the same kind of problem. On some of the HTC devices, an updated TouchPal […]

  • amazon

    Amazon wants to create its own messaging app called Anytime

    Anytime is a messaging app that is expected to be launched by Amazon, reported by AFTV News. This is the messaging app Amazon has been working on for quite some time now. The retail giant has reportedly started to survey its customers for potential features of the new app. The Anytime messaging app is expected […]

  • microsoft seeing ai

    Microsoft creates new iPhone App for the blind people

    According to an estimated survey, 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide. Since the early 1990s, the visual impairment has decreased. But this is a disability that still effects so many people today. There is also the wide range of opportunities offered by information technology to the blind individuals and computer today is being used […]

  • willpower

    Willpower is more important than the IQ

    What separates us from animals is our will power. This is the ability of our brain to restrain us from our impulses and to resist temptation. It helps us to do what is right in the long run and not do what we want to do at that moment. This is something that is central […]

  • google radio

    Google’s New Release Radio is available for everyone now

    Google’s new Release radio is a station on Play Music that provides users with a new selection of songs frequently. This list is based on a user’s listening history of songs. The Release radio has now been officially announced now whereas it was originally available only for Samsung user. This feature according to Google was […]

  • hacker

    Verizon data from 6 million users breached online

    The recent data breach of Verizon affected millions of customer accounts. It happened due to the carelessness of the employee at Nice Systems who left the data open on an unsecured Amazon server. The employee placed the information into a cloud storage area and incorrectly set the storage to allow an external access. This incident […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 19.12.59

    LG’s bezel-less display

    LG seems to getting this year off to an exciting start by bringing its bezel-less display to a much smaller and affordable Q6. This bezel-less smartphone is expected to be brought to a mid-ranged Q6 handset. This is going to be a completely new handset with a similar display which will be a bit smaller […]

  • apple

    Apple is working hard to get the bugs fixed ahead of the launch

    Apple seems to be experiencing somewhat of a hiccup before the launch of its iPhone 8. The company is beginning to put an extreme focus on trying to fix the software bug that seems to be affecting the upcoming flagship device. According to reports, several issues have occurred before the launch that seems to be […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 13.55.18

    This Amazing lip Sync tech generates absolute accurate video using audio clips

    Perhaps in one the world’s most advanced tech research, a tech group has come up with an amazing work. This could be the way future of videos may shape into. Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a system to graft audio-synced mouths onto existing videos. Scary, ehh! Watch… The video shows how an audio […]

  • picture taken from

    6 Important Life lessons from Warren Buffet

    Because of his sound investments and overall success, Warren Buffet has become a living legend. His success is built on a strong foundation of hard work and perseverance. He never gave up on his goals at any point in his life and lived all his life with the same tenacity and ambition. His humble personality […]

  • instagram

    Instagram fixes the bug that has troubled users a lot

    Recently a confused situation occurred among the Instagram followers when they were locked out of the app and were not allowed to sin back in for some time. The users kept getting error messages when they tried to log back into their accounts. According to Instagram the bug that turned out to be harmless has […]

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