• depression

    Google Search helping with depression

    Depression is a very common problem and Google is hoping to help people suffering from this issue through a screening quiz. The company is adding a questionnaire to specific search results in order to accomplish this noble goal. The purpose of this quiz is to allow people to take first steps to being diagnosed, USA […]

  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp New Free Business APP will charge Big Enterprises

    A week ago, WhatsApp started testing verified accounts for businesses. The messaging service intends to create a business search engine with optional sponsored results. For this purpose, WhatsApp has finally decided to monetize the messaging app by charging large enterprise businesses for tools so that they can communicate with their customers on a better level. […]

  • meetup fb

    Facebook Messenger testing a TINDER-like meet-up feature

    Facebook is now introducing a new system which allows its users to connect with their friends by agreeing or refusing to meet up with them. This feature is similar to that of Tinder app that helps people connect with each other, Motherboard reports. In Facebook Messenger, a list of friends is made visible to the […]

  • iphone 8

    Apple’s new facial scanning feature

    On September 12th, Apple will officially launch its tenth-anniversary device. With the launch, many new features of the smartphone will also be introduced. The new features will include a completely revamped home button an array of sensors. The most prominent among all these sensors is the facial recognition sensor, The Next Web reports. With the […]

  • fb new video hub usa

    Facebook’s new video hub for everyone in US

    In August, Facebook announced a new video platform known as Watch that is going to feature live and recorded show episodes. According to FB, Now the platform is finally rolling out this feature to its users in the U.S. over the coming days. The platform will then have numerous video shows for people to watch, […]

  • facts about people

    22 Amazing Psychology facts to help you better understand other people

    Bright Side explores amazing, mind blowing facts that we never notice about people. The small details that unveil the personality of you and others. This gives us an interesting insight about how and why people behave the way they do, treat others and express themselves. A Friendship that took place between age group of 16 […]

  • Google Chrome

    Google will allow users to mute the noisy websites

    Recently, Google has been reported of experimenting with a unique setting that can mute/un-mute a website directly from the page info bubble. According to Tech Crunch, This will help users to get a relief from the websites that auto-load videos with sound. With this option, users will be able to mute a website within the […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 13.13.54

    Facebook filling up your notifications

    Facebook is that one place where we can take a stroll down the memory lane because it has an endless collection of our ancient photos along with comments. Facebook has decided to make this experience a more exciting one. Previously, Facebook has been highlighting memories from past years but now, it is planning to add […]

  • concept of the coworking center, business meeting

    How to build business relationships

    The success of any business lies in a strong network. For achieving success in your business, you need to build a good network which includes a collection of friends, teammates, as well as acquaintances. You should always be ready to meet new people and to step out of your comfort zone. Just building a network […]

  • WhatsApp colorful status

    WhatsApp getting a cool colorful update

    Recently, WhatsApp has announced a status update for its platform, reported by TNW. The update this time has come with colorful background and texts. Now upon sharing the text update, users will have the option to do it with a colorful font or background. Now you never have to worry about getting the word out […]

  • public area

    A common mistake people make when using a public WiFi

    It is quite tempting to use the WiFi when it is available publically. But the scary part is that you think you are safe either it’s a big café or a renowned hotel but in reality, it is a major liability. No matter how safe the connection seems to be, you have no idea that […]

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