• donald trump

    American Universities are filing court documents against Trump’s immigration ban

    President Trump’s ban on immigrants for seven of the Muslim-majority countries have not only splintered families in the US but has left the citizens of remaining countries anxiously waiting what comes next. The aftermath of Trump administration’s order has also taken universities and scholars across the country and they are grappling with what the restrictions […]

  • google enhance

    With Google zoom in and enhance your photos just like in movies

    There is no denying to our long time fascination with the elite forces Hollywood movies. The whole world seems to be crazy about the abilities of the law enforcement agencies. One of these knacks that grab our attention strongly is how the Special Forces zoom in on grainy photos and security camera footage. It’s because […]

  • job application

    Three best tips to ace a job application

    A recruiter and candidate relationship is no less than a tricky process. In order to reach the ultimate goal, both need to be on the same page. It can easily slide towards failure if any one of the individual stops working for the same goal. The recruiter at a time wears many hats. He has […]

  • hobbies

    Hobbies that successful people practice in their spare time

    Hobbies act as a spiritual sustenance in our lives. Hobby is the kind of love that tells people the true essence of life. This is the kind of activity that adorns our lives, enriches the connotations of our lives, and enhances its taste and value. It promotes physical and mental harmony as well as encourages […]

  • highest paid jobs 2016 USA

    Fixable job search mistakes

    Today the people find work has changed. It isn’t as simple it used to be because the days of you dropping and filling out an application form are over. The job seekers are in an extremely competitive struggle for a job they wish for. There is a continuous hunt for employments on job seekers part […]

  • Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order

    Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order

    Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order and strongly opposing of Trump’s immigration ban. The company is concerned about its employees and now asking from Donald Trump’s administration for immediate exemption for employees who are lawful visa holders but are being affected by the new policy. The Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith and Microsoft’s President […]

  • iPhone 8

    iPhone’s 8 home button reimagined

    For 2017, Apple has a major iPhone redesign planned. With abundance of rumors hinting at the impressive features of iPhone 8, it seems the company has ambitious plans for the upcoming device. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and the company is expected to do something big to celebrate the occasion. It’s […]

  • google earth

    Google will open-source Google Earth enterprise

    For internal geospatial applications, Google Earth Enterprise was launched for businesses wanting to build and host private versions of Google Earth and Google Map. It was originally launched over 10 years ago. The service was considered to be suspended as the company had declared a shutdown in March 2017 two years ago. But surprisingly Google […]

  • computer

    End to Six-Strikes: The anti-piracy initiative

    Working for more than three years now, the copyright alert system Six-Strikes has ended now. For public, the systems impacts were hardly ever noticed. The system failed to benefit the audience the way it was envisioned. Almost five years ago the MPAA and RIAA collaborated with various service providers in order to shift the norms […]

  • apple

    iPhone sales breaking records again

    Apple, the biggest seller for iPhones was expected to see an uptick in sales for this quarter. Thanks to long-awaited results of its personal computing division, it is a big relief regarding the revenue records for iPhones. The company is considered to be on the right track now as the latest reports of the financial […]

  • house money

    Bitcoin, a man buys house with profit of approximately $1.3 million

    Every field and industry is filled with stories, some of which are happy and cheerful while others are full of sorrow. Bitcoin is no different; it has a mixture of noticeable stories from users and the globe. The meteoric rise of this crypto-currency has made millionaires out of people who loaded up on them early […]

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