• bitcoin

    Bitcoin crosses over $8,000 for the very first time

    The cryptocurrency market continues to climb at a steady pace. Bitcoin price has just touched new heights last night. For the very first time in the history, Bitcoin crosses over $8,000. Today the session opened at $8,034 and few hours into the day, the price is around $8055 that means the cryptocurrency is holding on […]

  • jack ma

    No Body Believed when I said, My site will be in Top 10 sites of the World

    Starting from very humble beginnings, Jack Ma is undoubtedly one of China’s biggest success stories who worked hard to become the China’s richest person. In this exclusive coverage, CNBC has covered Jack’s life story, struggles and his amazing interview clips regarding Ali Baba. Watch the video. Also See: Jack Ma always keeps this one book […]

  • degree

    15 Top college degrees to pursue to give the best shot at your career

    Picking a career mostly boils you down and if you don’t know where you are going, you will be lost even when you will get there. Selection of your career comes down to a cost-benefit analysis and a gut check, therefore, in the game of reality versus passion; you need to start a blazing path […]

  • vitamins

    Get The Tips About Vitamins And Minerals That You Must Have

    Let Foods Be Thy Medicine Taking a daily vitamin can be a wonderful way to increase health and supplement your diet. Keep reading to help simplify the process for tips that can help. Vitamins can be synthesized for body usage, so you need to learn how certain vitamins and minerals mix with each other. An […]

  • meat

    Vegetarians are less healthy than the meat eaters

    A study conducted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria found that vegetarians who had a lower mass index and consumed less alcohol were in a poorer sate of physical and mental health. Vegetarian food has always been proclaimed as healthier than the traditional meat and egg diet. Considering this, many people replaced delicious fatty dishes […]

  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp to support locked voice recordings

    Those who use the WhatsApp voice recording feature regularly know how annoying it is. If you have to record a long voice message, you have to press the mic button all the time. At times it also happens that when you are recording a long voice message, half way through a call comes in on […]

  • top6babysleeptips

    Top 6 Baby Sleep Tips That Will Help You Child Get More Sleep

    Babies, typically have different sleep needs but every one of them can benefit from few of the smart strategies. Babies spend most of their time in crib and figuring out the best, comfortable crib is a real hassle. Best crib mattress search requires a lot of patience while keeping in mind the budget in the […]

  • pexels-photo

    5 Ways Millennial are raising kids differently than their parents

    The cohorts born between 1980 and 2000, the number of millennial has increased exponentially. Times have moved on and the Millennial who were once just portrayed through the prism of youth have now grown up embracing the parenthood. Raising kids is totally different for millennial moms and dads from the generations before them. They are […]

  • Elon musk crying

    They Will Always Doubt You – Elon Musk

    In an interview with Startup Division, Elon Musk cries and becomes emotional when asked if the people he looked up to are out there to destroy him. Also See: Elon Musk’s Top 10 Rules For Success in Life

  • iphone x face lock issue

    Ten Year Old Unlocks His Mom’s iPhone X with His Face

    After our last post about the glitch of iPhone X Face ID, here comes another video. Despite of the claim by Apple that chances of Face ID failing is one in million, a ten year old in a YouTube video demonstrates how he could easily unlock his mom’s iPhone X. In the video uploaded by […]

  • success

    7 ways to protect yourself from absorbing negativity of others

    It happens most of the time that people start having negative thoughts just because of being around with negative people. You can take on the negative mentality in no time and it becomes worse with your own little-confused thoughts. You need to protect yourself from absorbing this kind of energy from other people as it […]