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    About 700 Microsoft workers will be laid off next week

    Within the coming week, Microsoft is expected to lay off around 700 of its employees. According to sources, this round of layoffs will be conducted when the company reports its quarterly earnings on January 26. As compared to the workforce of 113,000 of people, this is not a very large number. But this lay off […]

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    Encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp denies backdoor claim

    The vulnerability in the form of a backdoor has been identified as a major security issue in the extremely popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp. This problem can lead to intercepted and read messages sent through its encrypted platform. According to the reports, this issue was identified in April 2016 by an independent security researcher Tobias […]

  • Jack Ma

    Alibaba Founder expresses interest in Pakistan’s e-commerce

    In Pakistan e-commerce business is showing a very promising progress. The state of its expansion indicates that it has a lot of potential for becoming a major economic player along with generating revenue for the country. From the economic sector, Pakistan’s e-commerce is gathering a lot of interest from many stakeholders. In a recent meeting […]

  • 9 skills

    9 great skills to add to your resume

    It’s hard to ignore the importance of having a good resume. There is no doubt that first impressions count, and a first impression that an employer will have of you depends a lot on how you present your resume. The only one chance to capture a potential employer’s attention is your resume. And for your […]

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    World’s 8 richest people posses the same wealth as half of humanity combined

    The world of fabulously wealthy is a distant fantasy. Most people enjoy reading about these folks as how they got where they are and how they live. But the thought-provoking statistics is that there are only eight names that own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population. At the World Economic […]

  • PlanX

    PlanX raised US $743,807 for 19 startups last year

    According to a statement issued recently by the Punjab information technology Board (PITB), Pakistan’s first technology accelerator has raised $743,807 for 19 startups in 2016. A total of 4,491 startups successively creating 517 jobs helped in the process. During the course of the year, four PlanX startups also separately raised $795,000 in seed funding. The […]

  • samsung-galaxy-s7

    Samsung all set to reveal the causes for Galaxy Note 7 explosions

    Less than one week after the launch, reports of Galaxy Note 7 explosions started surfacing the entire market. The company initially blamed the defective batteries manufactured by its Chinese supplier but on September 2, the company announced a global recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 models with a promise to replace the devices. During […]

  • lycos

    Yahoo may be gone but Lycos still surviving

    There is no disagreement on Yahoo being out of the game now. In a $4.8 billion deal, major portion of the company has been taken up by Verizon. The rebranded version of Yahoo is surprisingly named as Altaba. On the run, Yahoo failed to compete with Google on search. When we look at Google, failing […]

  • rudy-giuliani

    Trump’s cybersecurity advisor is surprised over his own insecure website

    With Donald Trump being in the seat of power, it is not surprising to come across the scare quotes every other day. In fact with every passing day, it is getting harder to be surprised with his every action. The latest mishap comes from a cabinet appointment. The former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, […]


    Good News, Samsung may not be killing the Galaxy S8’s headphone jack

    Despite the Company’s fiery fall from grace due to Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone’s legacy isn’t over yet. There is a lot to look forward to its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. A lot has ridden upon the news of Korean manufacturing giant’s next phone. The prevailing rumors have convinced the buyers to believe that the […]

  • china

    China demands local app stores to register with authorities

    China is a country considered to have the world’s most advanced internet censorship and surveillance regime. The country might not be following the perfect regime to control the internet but it is good enough as compared to what most political leaders around the world can only dream of. Its so-called great Firewall along with an […]

  • google voice

    Google Voice is expected to get an upgrade

    An important update for Google Voice by Google is expected to be rolled out soon. An upgrade link publicizing the new Google Voice on the web version of the surface has been seen by several Google voice users this week. The link was to help them experience the improved version. Although, this hype was created […]

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