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  • Samsung could be developing its own BlockChain smartphone

    It seems that the world’s leading mobile company is aware of the need to securely store the cryptocurrency and the blockchain encryption keys. The company claimed that it has the best security for storing cryptocurrency. It was disagreed on a global level by many of the renowned experts but now the company plans on building […]

  • Instagram DM gets voice messages facility like WhatsApp

    Instagram gets a new feature best known from its sister app WhatsApp. Facebook has introduced direct voice message to Instagram. The feature is similar in working as in WhatsApp, found in any conversation (including group chats) in the Direct messaging section of the app. User can tap and hold the microphone button located in the […]

  • These 5 simple WhatsApp tricks can ensure your maximum privacy

    Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger is the most popular messaging App in the world. After Facebook’s acquisition, WhatsApp has changed its terms of service (ToS). Days are not far when advertisement is officially rolled out in Facebook. The advertisement hint by Mark Zuckerberg has caused a spur among the original founders of WhatsApp who have resigned from […]

  • WhatsApp Gold is going to steal all your mobile data

    A number of WhatsApp users have reported receiving messages in which they are urged to sign up for the service through the WhatApp Gold website. This is something users are being tricked into for downloading an apparently exclusive version of the app. but in reality, this version of WhatsApp infects mobiles with malware. This has […]

  • Independent body to moderate content at Facebook

    The first note published by Zuckerberg in September covered how Facebook was combating the election interference. It was continuously been said that how the platform wants to define the content that is and is not allowed on Facebook. It was a constant struggle for Facebook to regulate the content with both human reviewers and the […]

  • Samsung introduces foldable phone to gain advantage over Apple (Video Included)

    On Wednesday, Samsung has shown a public prototype of its foldable smartphone during the company’s annual developer conference that was held in San Francisco, California. The vice president and the general manager Justin Denison revealed the long-term anticipated foldable smartphone which has an Infinity Flex Display. The screen size: Although the device has not been […]

  • You will be seeing Ads in WhatsApp soon

    It was one of the prime reason why original WhatsApp founders Brian Acton, Jan Koum resigned from their jobs after their App was acquired by Facebook. Brian always wanted WhatsApp to be advertisement free messaging App. Mark Zuckerberg kept on emphasizing on the need of monetizing WhatsApp with ads because of large number of users, […]

  • Apple introduces Mac Mini Pro and it is 5x Faster Than Before

    Apple has recently introduced its new Mac Mini Pro. It was unveiled on Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York at an event. The device comes in a sleek Space Grey enclosure and shows up to five times increased performance as compared to its predecessor that was released in 2014. The new Mac Mini comes with various […]