Freelancing questions

59 Million Americas are doing Freelancing, generating $1.2 trillion in annual earnings. This huge surge in number is because of pandemic and people prefer to stay at home, work online and make money doing freelance work.

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    Q1. What is your skill?
    Technical (software development/web development)Basic (Writing, Virtual assistant, Data entry)

    Q2. How advanced is your knowledge in your skill set?
    Less then 1 year experienceOver 2 years experience

    Q3. What do you like the most?
    BiddingGig orders

    Q4. How much time do you spend in learning a new skill?
    Less than 1 hourMore than 1 hour

    Q5. What do you aim to achieve in freelancing?
    Part time workFull time career

    Q6. What is the best way to approach a project?
    Talk about your experienceAddress client problem by providing a solutionShow relevant examples you have done in past

    Q7. How lengthy a project proposal should be?
    To the pointComplete explained proposal

    Q8. What is the important of "FREE" in a bid?
    I believe it worksI do not believe it works

    Q9. Do you prefer purchasing premium packages of?

    Q10. How many bids you should make in a day?
    11 to 55 to 10

    Q11. What is your preferred communication style?

    Q12. What is your prefered payment choice?
    Within marketplacePaypalDirect wire transfer outside marketplace

    Write me a proposal using proper english, no spell mistake in three paragraphs about the importance of "learning how to write and how it can benefit"

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