About Being Guru

Life Changing Day by Hisham sarwar

BeingGuru is a landmark in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, going beyond the conventional blogging domains. Established by the tenacious Hisham Sarwar, this vibrant platform has grown into an all-encompassing center where technology combines with insights about freelancing and everyday inspiration.

1. The True Essence of Guru

BeingGuru is a knowledge base and source of empowerment, not just a blog. Here’s an overview of its diverse range of offerings:

a. Focus on Freelancing: Explore the vast realm of freelance work by using BeingGuru. Whether you’re new to freelancing or an experienced practitioner, the blog provides insightful articles, advice, and success stories.

b. Up-to-date Technology News: Keep up to date with BeingGuru’s commitment to providing breaking technology news worldwide.

c. Inspiration and encouragement: Hisham Sarwar infuses the blog with regular doses of inspiration and encouragement. There is an abundance of motivational information available for those who are looking for inspiration or who want to start their own business.

2. Hisham Sarwar, Co-Founder Get to know the creative mind of BeingGuru:

b. Background: Two decades ago, Hisham began his path as a low-resource freelancer. He is a living example of tenacity and determination; he is currently the co-founder of BeingGuru.

c. Philosophy: According to Hisham, greatness is defined by challenges. His story of overcoming hardship to seize opportunity inspires others to take on obstacles.

3. The Legacy of BeingGuru

BeingGuru’s worldwide influence is evidence of the high caliber and effect of its material. BeingGuru is about to increase the range of services it provides as Hisham Sarwar steers the direction:

a. Full Courses on Freelancing: In the near future, expect full courses on freelancing, soft skills, and tech knowledge.

b. Tech Skill Development: BeingGuru strives to close the accomplishment gap by equipping people with useful skills.

BeingGuru is a community of doers, learners, and dreamers rather than just a blog. On its website, BeingGuru encourages users to explore, learn, and thrive—regardless of whether they are tech enthusiasts, independent contractors, or people looking for inspiration.

Hisham Sarwar’s Significant Projects

The impact of Hisham Sarwar goes beyond the internet. The “Life Changing Day” that took place on May 6, 2023, at the Convention Center in Islamabad, was one noteworthy occasion that demonstrated his dedication to changing lives.

Life Changing Day by Hisham sarwar

Event Specifics:

Name of event: Life-Changing Day
Date: May 6, 2023
Location: Congress Center in Islamabad
Seven weeks of instruction at Hisham Sarwar’s Hazza Institute of Technology in Islamabad culminated in this life-changing day. It changed the course of the participants’ lives by giving them vital skills.

Apart from these kinds of activities, Hisham Sarwar continues to be actively involved in programs such as “Life-Changing Training (LCT),” which teaches students skills that are applicable to both the present and the future.

Hisham Sarwar’s dedication to empowering people never ceases to motivate and have a good effect. Under his direction, BeingGuru continues to be a catalyst for development and transformation in the digital age rather than merely a blog.