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  • confidence

    6 tips to learning the art of happiness

    Making one’s self happy is a question that has intrigued philosophers for ages and has remained a subject of concern for all the experts. What makes a person happy and how can you get more of the good stuff into your life requires you to learn the art of happiness. You need to learn to […]

  • boss

    7 Essential characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

    The stress and hard work of owning a business is not bearable by everyone. Many people fear to dive in and make their business work. They think that coming up with an idea and putting it into actions requires special kind of characteristics. According to them for being a successful entrepreneur, they need to take […]

  • pexels-photo-725255

    How to become a successful with three realizations?

    Successful people almost share the similar traits but the end result is different for everyone. The first thing to realize is that every person’s success is viewed differently and the accomplishment of one person may be a stepping stone for the other. But in this process, it is hard to know which the right path […]

  • happy

    5 Activities to make your brain healthier

    Occasional senior moments where you forget things that you have to do are often ignored. Maybe you have gone to a place and can’t remember the reason; it is something that irritates a lot. Memory lapses sometimes occur at young age and they are not due to ageing. These are considered to be caused due […]

  • happy

    Accept these 4 things if you want to be happy forever

    Most of the people don’t know themselves well enough to conceptualize what they actually want in life. They conform to the notions and ideas of the society, their family, and other influences that draw out their own point of view. They spend their lives repeating patterns and filling prescriptions from their past and that doesn’t […]

  • hisham sarwar

    A new ‘Facebook Excessive Disorder’ and its repercussions

    This disorder usually happens when you are spending more than appropriate time on social media, Facebook in particular. Because of lack of any productivity in their life, some people tend to spend 10+ hours daily here on FB. Their typical activity on Facebook involves but not limited to: Stalking profiles (opposite gender in particular) Commenting […]

  • happy girl

    4 Things happy people never do

    When we think about doing something instead of what we are doing, we feel overwhelmed. We often get caught into thought patterns that weigh us down. But what we mostly ignore is in order to be happy, we must always think of letting go of some bad habits that can make our life a lot […]

  • books to read

    5 Books you should read to reach your goals faster

    When you have goals in mind, you search for every little thing that can lead you in that direction. For this purpose, you seek the advice from the people who have already achieved their goals and read books that have an inspiration in them. When it comes to achieving your goals, books really make a […]