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    Herself Women’s Convention 2017

    Taking a step. Empowering the women. Making a difference. On 8th of July 2017, PITB organized this fantastic event which was basically a capacity building program to create strength in entrepreneurship. It took place from 9 am to 7 pm in Arfa Software Technology Park. I have been working in the IT industry for a […]

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    6 Important Life lessons from Warren Buffet

    Because of his sound investments and overall success, Warren Buffet has become a living legend. His success is built on a strong foundation of hard work and perseverance. He never gave up on his goals at any point in his life and lived all his life with the same tenacity and ambition. His humble personality […]

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    5 Behaviors that diligent people avoid daily to achieve success

    Conscientious is one of the major traits that combine to make our unique personality. People who have this personality trait are concerned with doing everything correctly and are very well organized. They are the people who get better grades in school and colleges, commit fewer crimes, stay happy, and live longer. This is the personality […]

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    5 amazing tips to Improve your short-term memory

    The distractions and lack of focus in our lives cause us to suffer from poor short-term memory. The continuous form of anxiety make our memory muscles weak and make them worse as we age. But forgetfulness is something that occurs regardless of the age. This is something that makes us forget names of the people […]

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    Follow Beyoncé’s technique for reaching your goals faster

    The way to achieve a goal is to discuss the plans with no one. Sharing your plans for your goals makes you less likely to put the work in it that is actually required. Instead of telling people about our ideas when we strive to impress only ourselves, our outcomes become more improved. This the […]

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    Tech skills to earn money in 2017

    For talented tech workers, there are impressive salaries being offered in the industry. A lot of workers consider money as their biggest goal and acquire skills that make them earn more money. These are the skills that pay them forever. Recently a survey report has been released according to which there are some specific skills […]

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    4 important Tools to lower anxiety

    Anxiety is something that we encounter throughout our lives. Although it is not a comfortable experience it is an evolutionary adaptive emotion that saves us and prepares us to deal with the anticipated stressors. Anxiety is good up till it is informative and motivating but too much of it can paralyze the mind. It is […]

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    Websites to Learn Coding from

    Learning how to code can help you to become a much better entrepreneur. You can dive in when your team needs to fix a few bugs on the site. But nowadays, it seems impossible to learn to code for free. But for the purpose, you need to reach out to the resources that can help […]

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    Become the future leader by doing these four things

    In order to become a good leader, it is important to become a good follower at first. Being a follower does not require you to execute instructions unthinkingly with blind loyalty. True followers tend to be more evolved and make their follower-ship their own education. In today’s workplace, where social media commands growing influence the […]

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    5 Ways to be happier at work

    People spend a considerable part of their lives in hours doing paid work or seeking paid work. All the individuals go through different feelings as they undertake an activity. Such feelings relate to what is called happiness. Happiness is the experience of frequent positive effects and an overall sense of satisfaction with life. There are […]

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