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    Why you should work on these four soft skills

    Being a child most of us pretty much remember how our parents reprimanded us about treating our siblings or friends the right way. If you thought they were strict at that time, then brace yourself for an even more stringent job market! These were the soft skills that we were taught by our parents to […]

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    Free online lessons by Khan’s academy

    Humans have been telling stories since they speak. A well-presented story reaches its objective and is remembered long after over others. The art of story-telling is effective when it reaches its listeners, hold the interest, and cross all age barriers. The effective application of this art is known to no one else better than Pixar. […]

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    American Universities are filing court documents against Trump’s immigration ban

    President Trump’s ban on immigrants for seven of the Muslim-majority countries have not only splintered families in the US but has left the citizens of remaining countries anxiously waiting what comes next. The aftermath of Trump administration’s order has also taken universities and scholars across the country and they are grappling with what the restrictions […]

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    Qualities of people with high emotional intelligence

    The psychology describes emotional intelligence as the ability to monitor one’s own and others feelings and emotions. It promotes positive social functioning by helping individuals to detect other individual’s emotional state. In history, this term was mostly not familiar to researchers but once Goleman in 1995 wrote a best-selling book on emotional intelligence, this term […]

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    A jump start to creativity for children

    Creativity is a natural part of every individual’s mental process. It is present in every person, at least as potentials. Creativity may vary from person to person but a completely uncreative person never exists. It depends on the proposition that characteristics required for creativity can be helped to unfold in an appropriately stimulating learning. Children’s […]

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    With Google zoom in and enhance your photos just like in movies

    There is no denying to our long time fascination with the elite forces Hollywood movies. The whole world seems to be crazy about the abilities of the law enforcement agencies. One of these knacks that grab our attention strongly is how the Special Forces zoom in on grainy photos and security camera footage. It’s because […]

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    Three best tips to ace a job application

    A recruiter and candidate relationship is no less than a tricky process. In order to reach the ultimate goal, both need to be on the same page. It can easily slide towards failure if any one of the individual stops working for the same goal. The recruiter at a time wears many hats. He has […]

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    Hobbies that successful people practice in their spare time

    Hobbies act as a spiritual sustenance in our lives. Hobby is the kind of love that tells people the true essence of life. This is the kind of activity that adorns our lives, enriches the connotations of our lives, and enhances its taste and value. It promotes physical and mental harmony as well as encourages […]

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    Career advice from some of Tech’s leading women

    Just bringing the “need for women in tech” under spotlight is not enough as Silicon Valley is continuing to face a gender gap. Women are at risk on losing out on the best job opportunities of tomorrow. There is a need to bring a change in the hiring practices from the companies top to down. […]

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    Fixable job search mistakes

    Today the people find work has changed. It isn’t as simple it used to be because the days of you dropping and filling out an application form are over. The job seekers are in an extremely competitive struggle for a job they wish for. There is a continuous hunt for employments on job seekers part […]

  • being laidoff

    Maximum productivity while being unemployed

    We experience a haze of emotions when we are going through the period of unemployment. The early feelings of freedom and endless opportunities suddenly shift to hopelessness and self-doubt. The morning time feels the worst and you feel embarrassed to go out. You don’t want anyone to know that you no longer have a job […]

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    $4M crisis fund raised by Google to support immigration

    The debate over President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy has gone pretty strong. This seven-country immigration ban is facing a lot of criticism by the Tech companies. In order to support the employees who have been affected with this policy, CEOs and individuals of the companies are willing to risk retribution from federal government. Moreover […]

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