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  • 9 skills

    9 great skills to add to your resume

    It’s hard to ignore the importance of having a good resume. There is no doubt that first impressions count, and a first impression that an employer will have of you depends a lot on how you present your resume. The only one chance to capture a potential employer’s attention is your resume. And for your […]

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    Everything in Pakistan is Messed Up

    Education system is messed up. Traffic engineering is messed up. Healthcare is at its worst. It needs improvement more than any other field. Financial markets are in its primitive stages. Corporate policies have to be looked upon. Every field you see, you see that it needs improvement. If every field needs improvement then how much […]

  • happy

    Make 2017 the most productive year

    With the onset of a new year comes a tradition that some people have a hard time digesting i.e. getting on the resolution wagon. With advices coming from all over, it is difficult to stay on track. In order to make better use of time, following are the best productivity advices from some of the […]

  • mark-zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg could run Facebook while serving in Government

    Mark Zuckerberg has set a new personal challenge for the New Year that is fueling speculation of him entering politics. With a lot of time spent in many states, Zuckerberg has recently announced his personal challenge to visit people in 50 states. Without losing control of the leading social networking giant Facebook, Zuckerberg was allowed […]

  • Tips-For-Setting-Up-A-Blog-Online-4

    Is blogging really that “bad?”

    With the beginning of blogging, people considered it a comfortable means to earn money while sharing their thoughts with the world. There are numerous niches that are offered by blogging websites according to various interests. It is easy to find a suitable one but the downside is how much you can likely earn from them. […]

  • japan

    Japan rethinks work life balance, Karoshi is killing them

    We are always fascinated by the Japanese culture which encourages a broad value system compromised of pride, respect, and honor. It isn’t that these metrics are not present in other cultures but these are more highlighted in Japanese culture. Raised with such a culture, Japanese workers are the 10th hardest working in the world. People […]

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    How Driving A Taxi Prepared Me To Run An Investment Bank

    If something in life does not challenge your inner self, it will not change your life outwardly. Success comes when your inner ego breaks into pieces. The ” I ” in you has to shatter before you rebuild your new you. Its like a wall of bricks, each brick put together in totality makes an […]

  • pexels-photo-237718

    Ten most purchased brands in the world

    Each year a global report Brand Footprint study is issued by the research company Kantar World panel which lists down the top most purchased brands of the world. The ranking takes place on the basis of how households purchase brands around the globe and how often. The purpose of the report is to reveal the […]

  • Higher Education Commission Pakistan

    HEC to introduce online system for degree verification

    Higher Education Commission (HEC) has recently issued a statement to the government and private universities regarding its degree verification system. According to the notification, HEC will be introducing an online system for verification of degrees. The executive director Dr Arshad Ali stated that all degrees, diplomas, and certificates will be verified only by HEC. The […]

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