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  • strategies

    3 Strategies you can work easily with anyone

    At work, people come in all varieties and there is no workplace where there are no difficult people to deal with. Their behavior effects everyone and working with is not at all easy. These difficult people come in variety as well, there are some who constantly talk, there are some who never listen, others always […]

  • leader

    6 Signs that indicate people with true integrity

    People with integrity take out time to learn how they are acting with others and what consequences are being brought because of their actions. They learn more in order to become a better person. They are the people who are out there doing good deeds where the rest of us are mostly planning on how […]

  • early morning fresh

    6 Things to do if you want to wake up feeling refreshed

    For some people, it is difficult to understand that whether morning people are born or made. It is because nowadays, people rarely go to bed before midnight. And because they sleep late, they wake up late. Even if they do wake up early, they keep hitting their head till late afternoon. But nobody can ignore […]

  • japanese kids

    Here is why the Japanese children are the healthiest in the world

    Lifestyle and eating patterns are a big reason for living a longer and healthy life. But food, which is everything needed to nourish the next generation, has become a battleground for most families. The childhood obesity and incidences of diabetes have increased around the world. But among all others, the obesity levels of Japanese children […]

  • smart people

    5 Things smart people never reveal at work

    Becoming smarter is not just about doing smart things, it is about knowing where the line is and staying careful not to cross it. They build strong professional relationships without opening up to their colleagues. They know that once they share something with people, there is no going back. The studies carried out revealed people […]

  • jack ma

    No Body Believed when I said, My site will be in Top 10 sites of the World

    Starting from very humble beginnings, Jack Ma is undoubtedly one of China’s biggest success stories who worked hard to become the China’s richest person. In this exclusive coverage, CNBC has covered Jack’s life story, struggles and his amazing interview clips regarding Ali Baba. Watch the video. Also See: Jack Ma always keeps this one book […]

  • windmill

    Two Indian Brothers on a Mission to Make Wind Energy Cheaper

    Two brothers from India, Arun and Anoop George, are proud of their creation. A small wind turbine priced at an affordable cost of around $750 USD that measures the size of a ceiling fan and can generate three to five kilowatt hours of electricity daily. This power is more than enough to light an average sized home. […]