Hisham Sarwar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAi5HVJbixQ That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)

  • shy

    Shy?. These 6 social rituals that can help you overcome shyness

    Shyness is felt by every person at one point or another. It can be so debilitating that it can prevent you from participating in social situations or events that can prove very important for your personal or professional life. The fear of being criticized and rejected often threatens shy people to avoid any social gatherings […]

  • stressed

    7 ways to stay calm while facing daily stress

    There are a million things to do but you don’t have enough time for all. It makes you feel that everything is falling apart and you suffer severe anxiety with a complete meltdown. If this persists for long then it can bring damages to your health and lower the ability to perform optimally. Without having […]

  • employee

    5 Things to avoid if you want to achieve success

    Achieving success is not about attaining everything. In order to get closer to achieving the success you don’t need to add more things, you need to give up some of them. Even though every person could have a different definition of success, there are certain universal things which will make you successful if you give […]

  • respect

    You are making these mistakes while communicating and should avoid them

    In early years of your school life, most of you might have been taught how to communicate with others in a good way. Your teachers might have given you an advice on improving your communication skills but did they inform you how to work through arguments with people or how to be a good listener? […]

  • success

    7 ways to transform your failures into success

    Life is the most precious gift you can ever have but you feel like throwing it away when it becomes painful to go on living. The pain is usually caused by failure and no matter you are living a life well-lived, you will experience this pain. But the way you respond to your pain, is […]

  • people

    5 places where you can meet people who can help you succeed in life

    For achieving your goals, you might be scrolling through articles telling you the same thing over and over again. You may think that for achieving your goals you need to study better and remain more informed. It is true to some extent but for actually achieving your goals, you need to outstretch the glory of […]

  • happy

    5 ways that can help you to create happiness in your life

    It is very common for today’s people to search for happiness in material things such as their job, more money, and better relationships. But the truth is that you can only find happiness within yourself. True happiness comes from within and you can create it in your daily life. You need to acknowledge that happiness […]

  • books

    8 Books that can help you become financially independent and reach your goals

    If you are looking for a secret to success, the answer might be already available to you. Many of the world’s most successful people have openly shared their secrets through books. According to them books have influenced their lifestyle and have taught them the principles that helped them to attain success. Therefore, they have chosen […]

  • confidence

    6 tips to learning the art of happiness

    Making one’s self happy is a question that has intrigued philosophers for ages and has remained a subject of concern for all the experts. What makes a person happy and how can you get more of the good stuff into your life requires you to learn the art of happiness. You need to learn to […]

  • boss

    7 Essential characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

    The stress and hard work of owning a business is not bearable by everyone. Many people fear to dive in and make their business work. They think that coming up with an idea and putting it into actions requires special kind of characteristics. According to them for being a successful entrepreneur, they need to take […]

  • hisham sarwar

    A new ‘Facebook Excessive Disorder’ and its repercussions

    This disorder usually happens when you are spending more than appropriate time on social media, Facebook in particular. Because of lack of any productivity in their life, some people tend to spend 10+ hours daily here on FB. Their typical activity on Facebook involves but not limited to: Stalking profiles (opposite gender in particular) Commenting […]