Hisham Sarwar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAi5HVJbixQ That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)

  • Jack Ma Alibaba

    It’s Easy to Launch a War, But It’s So Difficult to Stop a War

    Jack Ma needs no introduction, the richest man in China and the founder of Alibaba has taken the online world by storm in this decade. He keeps inspiring your entrepreneurs with his talks worldwide. In this video, he gives some valuable advice to everyone. He has always been against wars and has maintained in various […]

  • mistakes at work

    6 terrible mistakes that you should avoid at work

    It is a fact that career slumps can happen to anyone. Most people often do not realize what made them slip and what decisions went wrong. There are so many mistakes that you make unknowingly that can kill your career. These are the mistakes that bring hard-hitting consequences and make you end the career in […]

  • Jack Ma

    Alibaba’s Taobao blacklisted again over its problem with fake goods

    On AliBaba, there are millions of suppliers listing their products. Which makes it easier to find a supplier but the hardest part comes in selecting the right one. Or you can say that the most dangerous obstacle in your path to the perfect supplier is the ocean of scammers and middle-men. But it has become […]

  • boss

    6 Traits that harm your ambition

    In the human history, this generation has more access to opportunities than any other. The new era has brought an unlimited amount of productive ways towards which you can direct your intelligence, passion, and attentiveness. But at the same time, there is an equal amount of distractions pulling them away from their ambitions. These, unfortunately, […]

  • productive

    4 ways to keep you focused and be more productive

    When you grow your business and cultivate your relationships, you need to learn to evaluate where your time goes. You need to be more intentional and strategic with how you spend your time as discipline does not come naturally. This is something you need to train yourself for and practice in order to stay on […]

  • ripple

    Investors could lose a lot – Crypto Market is Currently in a huge down Fall

    Head of a top European regulator has warned cryptocurrency investors that they could lose a lot if they continue investing in the digital currencies. Investors in cryptocurrency are facing a scary nightmare as the overall market capitalization has dropped to $112 billion from $570 billion. This huge drop has happened within one business day, (24 hours). 94 out of 100 […]

  • happy

    3 daily habits that can make you smarter

    Most of the people think they are pretty smart but when it comes to the term genius, only a few people fall into the category. It is a common belief that geniuses are born and are only one or two in a million. People currently categorize wisdom and creative power for being a genius but […]

  • strong

    Become mentally strong by adapting these 5 amazing techniques

    Mental health is often debated among people but what’s not often discussed is a clear definition of mental strength. Mental strength is needed to regulate our emotions, manage our thoughts, and to behave in a positive manner despite the circumstances around us. Developing this mental strength requires us to find the courage to be bold […]

  • happy

    Life is a journey and these are the 10 amazing rules to live it well

    In today’s society, it has become common to see young people adopting money-driven attitudes towards their life activities. They think that becoming professional is the first degree towards a good life. But this is the biggest misconception because of being ignorant of the meaning of well-lived life. Living a life is not about living without […]

  • imagine

    According to Science, here is how you can be more creative

    Creativity, for many of us, is a mysterious quality which only some lucky people are born with. In reality, everyone has this quality but we cannot bring it out in an effective way. It is no doubt for generating wonderful ideas and problem-solving at work and it is always about finding an alternative way. Our […]

  • bitcoin

    All Major Cryptocurency prices collapse after South Korea Cryptocurrency trading BAN plans are revealed

    At the time when all cryptocurrency investors were hoping that investment in different crypto-currencies would make them rich, South Korea – one of the world’s biggest cryptomarket has shocked them.  South Korean Government has announced plans to ban cryptocurrency trading. This could potentially leave many people out of pocket. This news sent Bitcoin prices plummeting […]