Top 10 Freelance Skills in demand in 2024

New freelancers are always worried about most in-demand freelance skills in 2024 and onwards. As a freelancer who has been moonlighting for over two decades and winning online freelance jobs, I have seen a lot of ups and downs in demand for trending and emerging skills. A skill that is high in demand for a couple of years goes out of demand in the future and is replaced by another skill.

I have seen Macromedia Flash, Swift 3D, and Freehand fade away like dirt in thin air. It was just about yesterday, Flash was a hot cake, high in demand and everyone was looking to get their website developed with cheesy flash animations similar to animation on 2advanced, a website that was an inspiration for many.

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Time flies but it changes so many things along the way. Today, Flash is no more, eRain’s Swift 3D has gone out of business and Adobe Illustrator has taken over Macromedia Freehand.

In my blog posts, I have covered most in-demand freelance skills published by the world’s top websites. Every freelance marketplace publishes its in-demand best freelancing skills on the basis of the trend that’s followed in their marketplace. However, I have observed, that there are certain skills that have always been in demand, and somehow by highlighting new, emerging skills — these evergreen skills don’t get a shout-out and find a place in the list.

As a Freelancer who has been in this business for a very long time and also as an instructor who has seen it more closely than many out there, here are my top 10 in-demand freelance skills for all freelance marketplaces in 2024. The order does not necessarily depict the number of projects or high demand.

The order is organized on the basis of my observation of projects on Upwork, PeoplePerHour,, and

Top 10 freelance skills in demand. Watch the video:

10- Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

Regardless of all major technical skills, data entry and virtual assistant jobs have always been in demand. These skills do not require any four-year college degree and are in demand on all freelancer websites.

Source: Google Trends

9- Creative Writer

I have observed, all freelancer websites have a huge influx of frequent new projects looking for content writers and bloggers.

Usually, the requirement is to look for a writer who can write an SEO-researched article that has a typical word length ranging from 500 to 2000. Often in such posts, the client specifically requests writers to do the keyword research so the article gets ranked when published.

Similarly, there is a huge demand for bloggers as well to write frequently for blogs. You can always make money from your blog in many different ways. For these purposes, there are special services that will help to properly organize work and find new customers and orders for content.
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After that, everything is very simple:

1. Upload your blog links (or bulk upload if you have a lot of them) into the service
2. Set your own prices for your work.
3. Approve new assignments from buyers, complete them, and charge your payments.
The more sites you add, the more new customers and orders you will have. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Source: Google Trends

8- Animations/Video Creation

All major social media websites prefer video content over pictures and text posts. This has increased the demand for video creation, and animation because they gain better engagement. Even when advertised, they fetch better results.

YouTube has grown in huge popularity in the recent past. This has also raised the demand for video creation and animation. Software such as Filmora, and Adobe Premier are very popular for video editing jobs.

Source: Google Trends

7- Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

The demand for social media marketing, and digital marketing services has surfaced up in recent years because of an increase in the usage of popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and Pinterest. This tells us that they are going to hold a prominent place in the future as in-demand skills.

Small businesses are looking for DM (Digital Marketing) and SMMA (Social media marketing agency) experts to help them reach out to their potential clients and do business online.

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Source: Google Trends

6- React Native/ Angular JS/ WordPress

The demand for react native, Angular JS, and also WordPress can be seen in a good number of projects posted on major freelancing websites such as and It won’t be a bad idea to learn these skills and muster up the courage to land a proposal on these projects.

Source: Google Trends

5- SEO

Everybody needs a website but without traffic, the site is good for nothing. SEO (search engine optimization) helps in the better ranking of a website in major search engines, Google primarily.

There are tons of courses out there on the internet but the one I like is on Udemy. You can master this skill within 6 months and practice it to learn more. Keep in mind, that this field changes quickly because the algorithm for SEO on Google changes quickly.

Source: Google Trends

4- Mobile App Development

80% and above of the internet population use smartphones to perform daily activities. This huge traffic has increased the demand for mobile app developers in recent years. Instead of developing native apps for iOS and Android, clients demand hybrid mobile app developers who can create apps for both iOS and Android.

Source: Google Trends

3- Graphics Designing

The computer needs graphics so therefore the demand for graphic designers will also be there. Be it social media, website, or print media requirements, graphic design projects are posted in a good number on all freelance marketplaces.

Also, with more websites being built, the demand for UX/UI is increasing. It is also increasing for designing user interfaces of mobile apps.

Source: Google Trends

2- Software Development

I fail to understand why Software development misses out as a top skill for freelancers.

When I look at the projects posted on Upwork and Guru, I see good demand for desktop software developers. Clients are still looking for quality software developers to build their desktop and cloud-based software/applications.

Source: Google Trends

1- Artificial Intelligence

The need for experts with cutting-edge skills in the quickly developing field of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing, with a focus on forecasting, assessment, and prediction abilities in particular. By 2024, these abilities will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining the direction AI takes.

Artificial intelligence
Source: Google trends

Staying ahead in the fast-paced field of artificial intelligence requires practitioners to be able to predict advancements and trends, which is essential for enabling them to effectively navigate and utilize the promise of new technologies. Moreover, assessing the efficacy and moral consequences of AI systems requires competent assessment abilities.

The ability to forecast results and optimize algorithms will be crucial for optimizing AI applications. Professionals with a strong focus on forecasting, assessment, and prediction in AI are well-positioned to drive innovation and significantly contribute to the transformative influence of artificial intelligence on numerous industries in this era of rapid technological growth.

Website development

Keep it or erase it, yes —website development has always been and will continue to surface as the most in-demand freelance skill. With the rise of demand for AI (artificial intelligence), the demand for programming languages — particularly Python has gone off the roof.

With a boom in internet access, small businesses are turning up huge numbers to get their websites developed.

Amid COVID-19, the demand for eCommerce websites has increased a lot as can be seen from this report.

Website developers, regardless of the platform they choose to build the websites are in good demand on all freelance marketplaces.

Source: Google Trends

How Many Skills Are in Freelancing?

Freelancing has become a popular career choice for many individuals seeking flexibility, independence, and the opportunity to work on diverse projects. To succeed in the competitive world of freelancing, one needs to possess a wide range of skills. In this article, we will explore the various skills required to thrive as a freelancer and discuss how mastering these skills can contribute to a successful freelancer skill career.


Freelancing offers a unique platform for professionals to showcase their expertise and provide services to clients across the globe. It allows individuals to work on their own terms, manage their time effectively, and pursue their passions. However, to excel in the freelancing industry, it is essential to possess a diverse skill set that goes beyond just technical expertise.

Skill Set for Freelancing:

  1. Technical Skills:

Technical skills form the foundation of any freelancing career. These skills vary depending on the field or industry in which one specializes. For example, web developers require proficiency in programming languages, while graphic designers need expertise in design software. Enhancing technical skills through continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends is crucial for freelancers to stay competitive.

  1. Communication Skills:

Effective communication is vital for freelancers as they interact with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Good communication skills involve not only expressing ideas clearly but also active listening and understanding client requirements. Clear and concise communication helps build strong relationships with clients and ensures project success.

  1. Marketing and Sales Skills:

Freelancers often have to market and sell their services to attract clients and secure projects. Understanding marketing strategies, creating a compelling portfolio, and showcasing previous work are essential aspects of freelancing. By developing marketing and sales skills, freelancers can effectively promote their services and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  1. Time Management Skills:

As freelancers juggle multiple projects and deadlines, effective time management is crucial. It involves prioritizing tasks, setting realistic deadlines, and efficiently allocating time for each project. Freelancers should be adept at managing their time to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality work.

  1. Financial Management Skills:

Freelancers need to handle their finances efficiently, including budgeting, invoicing, and tax management. Understanding basic accounting principles, maintaining accurate records, and managing cash flow is essential for financial stability and long-term success.

  1. Project Management Skills:

Successful freelancers possess excellent project management skills. They can break down complex projects into manageable tasks, set milestones, and monitor progress. By effectively managing projects, freelancers can deliver high-quality work within deadlines and exceed client expectations.

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

Freelancers often encounter challenges and obstacles while working on projects. Strong problem-solving skills enable them to analyze problems, identify solutions, and implement effective strategies. The ability to think critically and creatively when faced with difficulties is highly valued in the freelancing industry.

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility:

Freelancers must adapt to the evolving needs of clients and industry trends. They should be open to learning new skills, embracing change, and adjusting their work methods accordingly. The ability to adapt and be flexible allows freelancers to stay relevant and competitive in the dynamic world of freelancing.

  1. Networking Skills:

Networking plays a crucial role in freelancing, as it helps freelancers build connections, gain referrals, and find new opportunities. Actively engaging in professional communities, attending industry events, and utilizing online platforms for networking can significantly enhance a freelancer’s career prospects.

  1. Continuous Learning:

Freelancers should have a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to continuous learning. Staying updated with industry advancements, exploring new technologies, and expanding skill sets are essential for professional growth. Embracing a lifelong learning mindset ensures that freelancers remain competitive and adaptable in their respective fields.

  1. Customer Service Skills:

Providing excellent customer service is essential for maintaining client satisfaction and building long-term relationships. Prompt and professional communication, meeting client expectations, and addressing concerns effectively contribute to client loyalty and positive referrals.

  1. Self-Motivation and Discipline:

Freelancers often work independently and need to possess self-motivation and discipline to stay productive. Setting goals, establishing routines, and maintaining a work-life balance is vital for sustained success in the freelancing world.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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