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  • Top 10 Online Colleges of World 2017, BCR Ranking

    BCR’s Online Colleges Ranking is made on the basis of quality assurance, teaching quality in the college, research, financing facilities and also the community development. The demand of online distance learning has grown over the years and with colleges offering online degrees and courses, one can get full online accredited degree while studying online form home. Here […]

  • Top 10 Medical Universities of Pakistan 2016, HEC Ranking

    For graduates in medicine, there are a wealth of opportunities. It not only is a flexible career plan but is more reliable at the same time. There are excellent career prospects for graduates in human medicine. There are some of the institutions that are providing best medical education around the world. Below given is the […]

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    Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan 2018, HEC Ranking

    HEC’s University Ranking is made on the basis of quality assurance, teaching quality, research, finance and facilities and social integration and community development. Here is the updated list of Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan according to HEC, 2018. 01.Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad Founded: 1967 02.National University of Science & Technology (NUST) […]

  • Making Money Online In 2016

    Nowadays a lot of people are switching to making money online. The majority of these people are students, housewives, and in some cases even working professionals. This is because everybody wants to earn extra money. Technology has created so many ways to earn money by simply utilizing one’s own creative skills. This year you can […]

  • 10 types of smart people who get stuck in awful jobs

    There are so many people in life who hate their jobs, hate their lives, hate the way they live etc. The lack of recognition of their talents makes the assignments, projects, and meetings meaningless. Every project that is given to them seems destined to failure. The weaker job perspectives all lead to fatigue and an […]

  • Reasons Why This Resume Is Excellent

    It’s a recruiter’s responsibility to look at a job seeker’s resume and decide whether he/she fits in best into their organization or not. He is the kind of job-matching professional and you have to prove him first that you are eligible enough for the post. In order to get a complete understanding of how a […]

  • 10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2016

    If you are interested in earning a lot of money irrespective of the extended working hours, then following is the list of some of the highest paying jobs in USA you can look for in 2016. Physician: Median Base Salary: $180,000 Number of job openings: 2,064 We all remember one thing most commonly of our school […]

  • Computer Science is dying

      Innovations during the recent decades bring many wonders in the today’s era of technology, just like Smart homes and Wireless Robotics, computers are everywhere – I accept – but “Computer Science” is not everywhere. Are you a Student of Computer Science? I bet most of you are not familiar with what exactly computer science […]

  • We are graduating students every year. Do we have job for them?

    The labor force of Pakistan is centered on various issues of shortage of resources, depressed incomes, and economic distress. The effects of which spill over from emotions and family lives of people to bringing to economic impacts. The existing population of Pakistan accounts 27.46% of the labor force participation whereas the total labor force comes […]