Here are 15 companies hiring for remote jobs that will pay $100,000 or more in 2024

15 companies hiring for remote jobs that will pay $100,000 or more in 2024

Google data monitoring remote work search activity from March 2019 shows that over the past five years, searches for “remote work” have spiked, with a 217% steep increase in searches for this work model.

The number of people looking for remote work peaked this year and in the latter half of 2023. It is evident that many employees and those who are unemployed already find this to be an urgent concern.

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As evidenced by a 2022 McKinsey study, employees most frequently switch jobs because they want flexible work arrangements, such as remote work, over higher compensation or career advancement opportunities. This prerequisite even outranked preferences like sustainability, a team or manager that is exciting and motivating to work with, predictable working hours, health insurance, and so on.

This is all happening at a time when more companies are imposing RTO (return to office) policies, and some are now breaking promises they made to their staff during the pandemic that they would be allowed to work from home indefinitely. The headlines are dominated by stories about executives ordering their staff to work two, three, or more days a week from the office.

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Companies Hiring For Remote Jobs

In light of this, it can be energizing to discover businesses that are still accepting applications for remote work positions. According to recent research from FlexJobs, the companies listed below are not only hiring for remote positions but also have positions paying six figures annually. A small number of salaries exceed $400,000, or almost half a million dollars.

Below are a few instances of remote job postings. The roles listed are meant to be representative only in order to give you an idea of the range of remote jobs that are available as well as their pay. Please note that these are accurate only as of the time this article was posted.


1. Pinterest

  • Director, business development ($209,950 to $432,003)
  • Senior technical program manager, core and ads ($114,750 to $236,000)


2. Starbucks

  • Labor relations business partner senior ($106,900)
  • Security architect ($108,200 to $191,100)


3. Vox Media

  • Marketing strategist ($80,000 to $105,000)
  • Concert operations manager ($90,000 to 100,000)


4. A+E Networks

  • Senior director, advertising sales and research counsel, legal and business affairs ($164,299 to $216,454)
  • Senior manager, participations ($94,189 to $125,959)


5. Ad Hoc

  • Business analyst ($105,000 to $120,000)
  • Software engineer III—front end ($110,000 to $130,000)


6. Bloomerang

  • Senior software engineer ($117,000 to $158,000)
  • Manager, sales ($87,500 to $150,000)


7. Braze

  • Manager, global IT infrastructure ($128,000 to $180,000)
  • Account executive, enterprise ($133,000 to $150,000)


8. Brightwheel

  • Business operations manager ($104,000 to $169,000)
  • Senior manager, corporate finance and strategy ($127,000 to $203,000)


9. Checkr

  • Vice president, engineering ($335,000 to $380,000)
  • Principal solutions engineer—presales ($134,258 to $279,450)


10. Cotiviti

  • Content solutions analyst I ($95,000 to $115,000)
  • Senior end user computing engineer ($80,000 to $100,000)


11. CVS Health

  • React development engineer III ($97,335 to $201,900)
  • Associate manager, clinical health services ($78,000 to $168,000)


12. ICF

  • Lead automation test engineer ($92,986 to $158,076)
  • Project manager, survey research ($76,848 to $130,642)


13. Jenzabar

  • Principal application programmer ($80,000 to $110,000)


14. Paychex

  • Sales planning and operations manager—professional employer organization ($97,500 to $153,000)
  • Solution architect I ($100,450 to 157,850)


15. Paylocity

  • Lead, people analytics ($90,000 to $120,000)
  • Senior cloud security architect ($109,432 to $159,061)

Based on observations, it seems that the majority of these remote work positions offering yearly salary exceeding $100,000 are in the IT, sales, and management and leadership domains.

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Consequently, in order to increase your chances of landing jobs similar to these, you must:

1. Develop Relevant Skills

Make sure you consistently expand your skill set and hone your knowledge and expertise by enrolling in classes, earning certifications, and gaining real-world experience through projects at your current job or as a freelancer, depending on the particular role you’re targeting.

2. Create an Effective Resume

It will be very difficult to land jobs like the ones mentioned above with a resume that fits everyone. Make sure your resume is tailored to the job requirements, emphasising your relevant experiences, accomplishments, and skills. Quantify your achievements whenever you can to show the impact.

3. Showcase Your Expertise

Develop a solid online persona as the go-to authority in your area by posting your ideas, endeavors, and successes on sites like GitHub, LinkedIn, or even your own blog—or a mix of all three. You can create a strong online presence that draws the interest of recruiters and hiring managers by showcasing your expertise and enthusiasm.

4. Leverage Your Network

Create a professional network both online and off, especially in the industry you want to work in, to look for job openings, get advice, and learn more about the organization and position you’re applying for. If you decide to apply for one of the jobs through LinkedIn, following the employer will give your application more momentum and make it more noticeable to the recruiter. Additionally, you can get in touch with their staff to find out more about the position and ask them about their experiences working for the company.

5. Highlight The Right Skills

Lastly, keep in mind to study the company to learn about its expectations, values, and culture. You should also research the skills needed for the position you are applying for. Additionally, if the position is technical or leadership-focused, don’t forget to prepare concrete examples of your capacity for problem-solving and leadership while highlighting soft skills like communication and flexibility in application materials and interviews.


You can position yourself for long-term success in your career by using these strategies and being proactive in your search to land a high-paying remote job, like the positions with the companies mentioned above.




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