These 32 Robotics Companies are Hiring: Apply now

These 32 Robotics Companies are Hiring Apply now

The concept of a future-proof career seems more elusive than ever. This reality often weighs on my mind, particularly when finding into the latest advancements in generative AI. I can’t help but wonder if my own work contributes to paving the way for my eventual replacement. However, that concern is mine alone. As for you, my esteemed roboticist colleague, your prospects remain promising.

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In spite of the dramatic changes that have recently occurred in the tech sector the robotics area has remained rather stable. But as the tragic story of iRobot illustrates it would be foolish to claim complete immunity from the threat of job displacement.

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However there is reason for hope despite these uncertainties particularly for individuals who are deeply involved in the robots industry. One thing that has been constant in this vibrant sector over the course of my coverage is the plethora of job opportunities. These jobs cover a wide range of industries from well known behemoths like Amazon to nascent companies about to launch their first products. You get to choose whether you value the flexibility of smaller businesses or the stability provided by larger corporations.

In either scenario, the array of options is vast.

Agtonomy (7 positions)

Aigen (4 positions)

Amazon Robotics (139 positions)

ANYbotics (27 positions)

Automated Architecture Ltd (1 position)

Baubot (15 positions)

Beacon AI (2 positions)

Berkshire Grey (20 positions)

BHS Robotics (3 positions)

Chef Robotics (8 positions)

Clockwork (4 positions)

Dexterity (40 positions)

farm-ng (6 positions)

Forcen Inc. (5 positions)

Formic (7 positions)

Foxglove (4 positions)

GrayMatter Robotics (20 positions)

Hyphen Technologies Inc. (3 positions)

Kodiak (23 positions)

Matic Robots (13 positions)

Neya Systems (7 positions)

Nimble Robotics (8 positions)

Pudu Robotics (3 positions)

Reframe Systems (2 positions)

Renovate Robotics (1 position)

Sanctuary AI (11 positions)

Scythe Robotics (15 positions)

Skip (2 positions)

Symbotic (20 positions)

The AI Institute (20 positions)

Vayu Robotics (4 positions)

Vention (19 positions)

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