Here’s the List of Top 15 Fastest Growing Jobs on LinkedIn

Fastest Growing Jobs on LinkedIn

The world is changing really fast. Things that were popular just a day ago are not popular anymore, and the same goes for jobs.

Jobs that were considered good five years ago are not important now because machines took over, and now robots are taking over from machines.

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Because of all these changes, the professional world is also changing. To stay successful, people need to learn new skills that match the current times.

LinkedIn, a platform for professionals, says that the skills needed for jobs have changed a lot – 25% since 2015, and they are expected to change even more, by 65%, by 2030 globally.

LinkedIn has released a list of the best 25 obs that accomplished the quickest growth in the US during the most recent five years. Astoundingly, seven of the main ten positions were completely new, and 68% of these positions didn’t exist a long time back.

Here is a list of the top 15 fastest-growing jobs on LinkedIn

1. Chief Growth Officer

Plans for a business to increase profits, expand into new markets, and maintain steady expansion are the responsibility of Chief Growth Officers.

2. Government Program Analyst

Government program analysts check how well public programs are working. They look at data, make sure the programs follow the rules, keep an eye on budgets, and do other tasks to see if the programs are effective and efficient.

3. Environment health safety manager

Environment health safety managers make sure that companies have a safe and sustainable workplace for their employees. They handle risks and make sure the company follows rules about health, safety, and the environment.

4. Director of revenue operations

Directors of revenue operations help businesses make more money. They work with deals and advertising groups to cause the business to develop and run as expected.

5. Sustainability analyst

Sustainability analysts check how well an organization is doing concerning the climate, social issues, and great administration. They view ways for the organization as more effective, use assets capably, and emphatically affect society.

6. Advanced practice provider

Advanced practice providers are skilled medical professionals with a license. They deal with patients by doing check-ups, sorting out medical problems, and giving therapies depending on the situation.

7. Vice president of diversity and inclusion

Vice presidents of diversity and inclusion make workplaces welcoming for everyone. They create and put in place rules about diversity, fairness, and making sure everyone feels included in a company.

8. AI consultant

Artificial intelligence consultant assists businesses in implementing AI in their businesses and products. They advise on how to use AI technologies effectively.

9. Recruiter

Recruiters find and assess good candidates to fill job openings in companies. They help in the process of hiring the right people for the job.

10. Artificial intelligence engineers

Artificial intelligence engineers create and teach computer programs (AI models and algorithms) to do smart things like humans do. They use computer languages to build systems that can perform tasks usually done by people.

11. External communications managers

External communications managers are in charge of how a company talks to people outside, like the media and customers. They handle things like making sure executives speak well in public, reaching out to the media, managing communication during crises, and more.

12. Product security engineers 

Product security engineers ensure that an item or framework is protected from expected issues. They do this by seeing dangers, sorting out likely dangers, and setting up defensive measures.

13. Physical therapists

Physical therapists assist injured or unable to move patients. They speed up their recovery, reduce pain, and make them more mobile through a variety of exercises and techniques.

14. Grants program managers

Grants program managers take care of everything involved in grant programs. This includes finding opportunities for funding, handling budgets, and making sure everything follows the rules and regulations.

15. Directors of land acquisition

Directors of land acquisition are responsible for getting new land or land for an organization. They do this by exploring, arranging, and building significant associations with merchants (individuals who help trade properties).

As jobs continue to transform, it means quite a bit to stay aware of what’s popular. LinkedIn’s list shows which jobs are becoming the quickest so experts can get familiar with the skills they need to succeed. Embracing change isn’t simply an expression — it’s essential for outcomes in the present and the upcoming expert world.

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