In 2024, these are the 6 best companies hiring for remote AI jobs

Right now, machine learning software is ruling the tech sector, but the number of workers in fully remote jobs is decreasing. It’s also not impossible for you to do both at once.

Here, we’ve compiled a wide range of tech companies that are growing their AI teams and providing remote-friendly work environments. When choosing the ideal company, though, you should take your own needs into account and take into account even more factors.

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Do you require an organization like IBM or Microsoft that has extensive experience with AI? Thousands of employees at these companies could serve as your mentor or guide while you learn new skills. For those just starting out, IBM in particular has a lot of entry-level job openings.

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However, you might do better as a large fish in a small body of water. As they work out how to incorporate AI into their CRM platform, businesses like Salesforce will only grow their AI operations in the upcoming years. You might have a significant role in creating the greatest new tool.

In any case, two of the most interesting and sought-after career decisions you may make in 2024 are working in AI and remaining remote. This is our how-to guide for starting both at the same time.

Best Companies Hiring Remote AI Jobs in 2024

  1. Microsoft
  2. IBM
  3. Dropbox
  4. Google
  5. Salesforce
  6. Meta


1. Microsoft

We have long defended Microsoft as a company that is actually supportive of remote work, in contrast to all those posers who have attempted in recent years to rescind their work-from-anywhere policies.

In comparison to the number of open on-premises positions, Microsoft regularly maintains well over a thousand “up to 100% remote” positions open worldwide.

Naturally, the business is also a major force in the artificial intelligence space. Nearly every Microsoft application uses artificial intelligence (AI), and the company has invested $10 billion in OpenAI over the years, far exceeding its $16 million investment in the French AI startup Mistral AI two months ago.

When all of that is considered, Microsoft is the best place to look for a completely remote position in the AI sector. If you use those search parameters, the company’s employment page will display 30 pages of available openings.

Example of a Job Posting: Lead Software Engineer for AI

Average Pay (~): $278K–$398K (Microsoft Principal Engineer, via Glassdoor)


2. IBM

IBM’s website currently lists 1,223 remote-only positions available, so the selection is good. The icing on the cake is that IBM is a great place for people just starting out in the AI industry to build their resumes, as they also have a lot of entry-level positions available.

We can provide the following resources if your goal is to gain AI experience prior to advancing to the highest-paying senior positions: Check out our guide to the top AI jobs for entry-level workers here, and don’t forget to take advantage of the free online AI training programmes.

A few possible remote roles at IBM that you could manage without prior experience? Software engineering test specialist, Data & AI channel seller, or brand technical specialist for data and AI applications.

Example of a Job Posting: Java Application Developer

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $110K – $160K (IBM Developer, via


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3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file-sharing platform that is notable for its extremely flexible work policies. In our extensive list of the top 24 remote-work companies earlier this year, we outlined the appeal:

“Dropbox has adopted what it calls a ‘virtual first’ approach to work. Remote working is the norm at the company, though there are opportunities for face to face meetings with teams should they be required.”

Although Dropbox isn’t by any means a major player in artificial intelligence, it is investigating the possibilities of working with AI, as evidenced by the open remote positions.

A select few fully remote machine learning engineering positions are available across the US and Canada if you visit the company’s website.

Example of a Job Posting: Machine Learning Engineer

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $145k (Software Engineer, via

4. Google

For years now, Google has been experimenting with AI-generated search engine results. Furthermore, in order for Google to continue providing high-quality search results, it needs to stay up to date with AI technology due to the growing amount of artificial intelligence-generated spam that is taking over the internet.

To be honest, it seems like they are losing this battle right now, but perhaps that is only because they need to hire you.

About 20 positions at Google that deal with AI are now marked as “remote eligible” on the company’s careers website. It’s true that there aren’t nearly as many open remote jobs as there are at companies like IBM or Microsoft. Furthermore, just because you are “remote eligible” does not guarantee that you will be hired remotely; this could depend on the manager you end up with.

Just be sure you’ve included every AI resume builder you’ll require to demonstrate your value.

Example of a Job Posting: Customer Engineer, Machine Learning, Healthcare, Google Cloud

Average Salary Per Year (~): $140k–190k (Customer Engineer, via Glassdoor)


5. Salesforce

Even though it is a little pricey, Salesforce is one of the largest and most well-liked CRMs on the market right now and has received great reviews from us in the past. How else would you be able to access such a vast array of analytics, customer service options, and scalability potential?

Because it orchestrated the launch of its Einstein Copilot Studio last year to enable Salesforce users to customize their account’s Einstein AI bot, it is also frequently featured in AI news headlines. The CEO of the business has long bragged about how much he supports remote work, and over the coming years, the business will probably keep investing in AI.

The drawback is that some employees were brought back into the actual office as early as 2022, and those in customer-facing positions are now required to be present in person four days a week. Even though the majority of AI engineers work in remote environments far from customer-facing roles, this does not bode well for Salesforce’s confidence in the ease of remote work that its own software facilitates.

Currently, the company’s website lists several dozen remote job openings for AI-related roles, ranging from Slack Solution Engineer to Senior Machine Learning Scientist.

Example Job Listing: Principal AI/ML Engineer

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $147k (Principal Machine Learning Engineer, via


6. Meta

For the foreseeable future, Facebook’s parent company Meta will keep constructing the metaverse. It has been doing so for some time. It would seem a bit hypocritical given their emphasis on VR and AR-powered remote work efficaciousness if they did not provide remote career options.

The massive tech company also places a lot of emphasis on AI and machine learning, partly because AI is the only technology that can manage the eye-watering 2.9 billion monthly active users that it has on Facebook alone. Although AI curation is limited, human curation is even less effective.


Currently open positions for directors and engineers covering AI fields of study such as monetization infrastructure or generative AI language. You can find the whole handful of remote AI-related openings on the company’s website – no need for VR.

Example Job Listing: Research Engineer, Language – Generative AI

Avg. annual salary: $120k–220k (Research Engineer, via Glassdoor)















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