In 2024, here are 5 high-paying, entry-level remote jobs

More than 30% of Gen Zen’s are struggling to flee the nest, opting instead to stay at home with parents in a bid to slash and share costs, due to the cost of living crisis according to a Credit Karma study.

Approximately 25% of Gen Z and Millennial renters are forced to move in with family or friends because they cannot afford to pay their rent and 41% are sacrificing necessities to pay rent, the same study revealed. For those who are still living in their own rented accommodation, 25% and 31% respectively are depending on support from family to cover their housing costs.

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Gen Z and Millennials’ purchasing power is being diminished by inflation, which is causing a big discrepancy between their graduate salaries and continuous and one-time expenses like student loan repayment, rent, utilities, technology, entertainment, and even bigger purchases like purchasing a home or vehicle.

In light of the current financial strains (which have increased dramatically since the pandemic), having a well-paying job is no longer considered a snob luxury. It is nearly hard to maintain a sustainable and comfortable way of life, independent of others, without a high income.

For this reason, a large number of recent graduates who are just starting their careers are searching for entry-level positions that will allow them to work remotely and make a good living.

When one sees the terms “entry-level” and “high-paying” together, they may initially seem contradictory. These two concepts can, however, coexist because of growing demand and industry growth, particularly in technology, which is expected to grow at a rate significantly faster than other industries and has a $100,000 median salary.

Check out these five well-paying remote positions that accept applicants with little to no experience. The salaries shown come from and

(Slight caveat here: To effectively market yourself in a competitive job market, you will nearly always need to secure these positions through the appropriate certification pathways—or, in certain situations, a degree—and a real, working project portfolio. You can overcome this obstacle by critically evaluating your experience, adding self-employment endeavors that meet the job description, and mentioning any relevant internships and volunteer work from your time at university. This applies even to entry-level positions that are advertised but require two or three years of experience. Additionally, make sure the employer has a clear path for career advancement and development in place before accepting an offer when applying for a junior or entry-level position.)

1. Remote Junior Business Analyst

In your role as a junior business analyst, you would be assisting and collaborating closely with project managers and a senior business analyst to extract and analyze data and make sure that the final products satisfy end users’ and stakeholders’ specifications. After that, you can advance and receive additional training to advance to the position of business analyst and, ultimately, senior analyst.

The average salary is $63,688, but with more experience and training, it can reach $104,504.


2. Remote IT Support Specialist

With the Google IT support certificate, Google Career Certificates assists you in securing your first position in the IT industry as an IT support specialist. Many people in the technology industry start their careers here before moving on to more specialized and challenging technical domains.

The average salary is $57,165, but with experience and further training, it can rise to $131,814.


3. Project Manager from a Distance

The foundation of almost every industry and business is the project manager. Stakeholder requirements and specifications are gathered, comprehensive project plans are created and drafted, and project teams, budgets, and actions are managed. In your role as a project manager, you would make sure that all components of the programme or project you oversee are completed on time, within budget, and in compliance with all requirements.

Obtaining a position as a project assistant or coordinator, project administrator, or associate may make it simpler for you to enter the project management field.

For a junior project manager, the average pay ranges from $94,545 to $126,876.


4. Remote Data Analyst

Data analysts only collect and analyze the data, as opposed to business analysts who are concentrated on gathering information and applying their findings to business contexts. If you’re struggling financially after graduation, Coursera may help you take a free data analyst course offered by Google Career Certificates to help you get started in the field.

Junior analysts typically make $68,386 per year, rising to $106,653 in a few years.


5. Remote Web Developer

Listing high-paying remote jobs for beginners without including web development as a feasible path to early career financial success would be a mistake. The average salary for a junior remote web developer in the United States is among the highest in the world. In order to provide the best possible user experience, this role entails developing websites with ease of navigation and performance optimization.

Junior web developers typically make $67,319, with the potential to increase to $92,434 with further training.

Would you be able to work remotely at any of these jobs? If nothing else, these positions demonstrate that people of all experience levels can now hold well-paying positions. You’d be surprised at how many employers would welcome your skills and support your career if you’re willing to take advantage of opportunities, upskill when needed, and look towards the fastest growing industries, like technology or project management.





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