Canva Announces Exciting Internship Opportunities for Aspiring Talent

Canva Announces Exciting Internship Opportunities for Aspiring Talent

Canva, a well-known platform for graphic design has finally revealed its much awaited summer internship program. With the help of professionals in the field students will have the opportunity to participate in practical projects and gain valuable experience.

What Should Expect Interns?

  • Important Projects: Put boring chores behind you. Interns at Canva work on initiatives that directly affect the 170 million+ monthly active users of the site. Interns are essential to Canva’s future helping to shape everything from feature design to user experience enhancement.
  • Onboarding Bootcamp: A thorough one week onboarding bootcamp is the first step for interns. They graduate from this program with the abilities and information needed to succeed in their internship.
  • Opportunities for Learning: Canva provides customized courses on subjects including strategy design and personal leadership. Interns broaden their skill set and learn from seasoned experts.
  • Private Social Events: Pizza making nights, gelato tastings, and rooftop karaoke are just a few of the private social events that interns can take part in. These occasions strengthen ties and produce priceless memories.

Available Internship Roles

Canva is currently accepting applications for the following internship positions:

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  1. Visual Design Intern (ANZ): Work closely with the design team to create stunning visuals for Canva’s platform.
  2. Creative Technologist Intern (ANZ): Combine creativity and technology to enhance user experiences.
  3. Brand Designer Intern (ANZ): Shape Canva’s brand identity through innovative design.
  4. Product Designer Intern (ANZ): Contribute to the development of user-friendly features.
  5. Machine Learning Engineer Intern (ANZ): Dive into the world of AI and data science.
  6. Application Security Engineer (AppSec) Intern (ANZ): Help protect Canva’s systems and data.
  7. Data Scientist Intern (ANZ): Analyze data to drive informed decisions.
  8. Software Engineer Intern (Infrastructure) (ANZ): Work on backend systems and infrastructure.
  9. Front-end/back-end software engineering intern (ANZ): Create innovative features.
  10. Manager of Senior Product Marketing (12 Month FTC): Assist in raising product awareness by joining the marketing team.

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How to Apply?

On the Canva Careers page interested applicants may investigate these amazing opportunities and submit their applications. Don’t skip up this opportunity to participate in a worldwide design revolution!


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