From home, you can do 3 in-demand freelance jobs that pay up to $500 per hour

In-demand freelance skills

A growing number of Americans are experimenting with freelancing as a full-time or side gig.

According to new research from Upwork, the number of professionals working as freelancers in the United States reached an all-time high in 2023, rising to 64 million individuals, or 38% of the country’s workforce, from 60 million the previous year.

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Companies are depending more and more on independent contractors to reduce staffing costs and real estate costs. Yoav Hornung, Fiverr’s head of innovation and verticals, says

However, Hornung notes that the services that companies are using independent contractors for are always evolving. For instance, Fiverr has noticed a noticeable rise in demand lately for AI specialists who can assist companies in utilizing AI technologies to increase productivity or profitability. These professionals include video editors and prompt engineers.


1. Mobile app development

Software engineers who specialize in developing apps for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other devices are known as mobile app developers. These experts frequently collaborate with data scientists and graphic designers.

According to, a data analytics tool, there were approximately 77 billion mobile app downloads worldwide in the first half of 2023, an increase of 3% over 2022.

Hornung notes that since the beginning of 2023, there has been a steady rise in searches for “app development” on Fiverr. He notes that in response to consumers’ growing preference for interacting with businesses via their phones rather than computers or in person, more brands are implementing mobile-first strategies.

At least $500 is charged by mobile app developers for each project.


2. Video editing

Video editors use various software programs to put together unfinished packages from raw footage while working in post-production. According to Hornung, there has been a “huge demand” recently for two types of video editing: AI video editing and social media video editing.

On Fiverr, searches for AI video editors increased by more than 625% between January and July of 2023. These producers use AI to produce voiceovers, alter video backgrounds, and improve visual and aural components, among other things.

Another in-demand skill for short-form content creators is video editing. The need for independent contractors who can create catchy, interesting content for brands has increased due to the growing popularity of “snackable” content on platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, according to Hornung.

On Fiverr, video editors usually charge a minimum of $100 for each project.


3. Social media management and content creation

In order to help a client or organization interact with and expand its audience, social media managers and specialists create, edit, and promote content across a variety of channels.

According to Hornung, the importance of having a strong online presence for brands and companies has “never been higher” because more people, particularly younger consumers, are making purchases on social media sites.

The ability to produce content that feels “authentic and genuine” for clients is one skill that will be “especially valuable” for freelance social media managers to have in 2024, he continues, as more customers expect transparency and authenticity from the brands they support.

The minimum fee for social media managers and experts is $150 per project.



It’s not enough to acquire the technical skills required for a freelance career or side gig in any of these fields, according to Hornung. What distinguishes the most successful freelancers are their soft skills and recommendations.

“Trust is king,” he asserts. The establishment of trust between independent contractors and their clientele base can be greatly aided by investing in soft skills like organization and communication, as well as providing evidence of these abilities’ use.


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