Jack Ma Says Leadership Is All About Determination

Jack Ma is Alibaba‘s co-founder. He is an amazing role model for all aspiring businesspeople and entrepreneurs who want to chase their dreams and become successful. His life story is full of rejections, and failures but that did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Despite so many disappointments, Jack was resilient. He believes, most of the dreams you think about may not work out but that should not stop you from trying and progressing in life. Jack believes the key to success is cashing onto opportunities.

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Don’t try to be the best, Be the first. Jack Ma

Jack Ma believes you should be the first to take the challenge and bring change. Always try new things, be yourself, and never give up in life.

Jack Ma emphasizes the importance of staying happy, he believes, you need to be happy in doing whatever you do. The world is full of challenges and opportunities. The one who looks at challenges as an opportunity will succeed over others.

The opportunity lies in challenges, the bigger the challenge, the higher the opportunity.

Jack Ma also emphasizes changing the world’s current education system. He foresees a greater challenge in the next 30 years and fears the current education system is not capable enough to train our students to compete with advanced machines.

As a leader, you have to constantly train yourself and learn new things. If everybody is happy in your company, think about those who are unhappy.

Leadership is all about responsibility. You are passionate and believe in your vision but it’s not necessary for people to align with your vision and you have to take everyone on board about your decisions. Leading from the front gives a lesson for others to follow.

Jack Ma says, all his life, he has been determined to make things happen and never worried about the results. This is how he remarkably transformed his life from poverty to becoming the richest man in China.

In the following video, Jack Ma talks about leadership, the education system, and business.

Watch the video:

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