Govt Initiative: Project Management Unit to Recruit Talent for SIFC

Project Management Unit to Recruit Talent for SIFC

The federal government has established a Project Management Unit (PMU) to enhance the institutional strength of the Special Initiative for Economic Zones (SIFC). Sources reveal that in a recent meeting, the Prime Minister approved the creation of the PMU to expedite hiring of qualified HR personnel. Competitive salaries will be offered to attract top talent, thereby bolstering SIFC’s capabilities.

What is the Special Initiative for Economic Zones (SIFC)

The Special Initiative for Economic Zones (SIFC) in Pakistan promotes economic growth by establishing and supporting economic zones. These zones provide incentives like tax breaks, simplified regulations, and improved infrastructure. These will attract both local and international investment.

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Objectives of SIFC

  • Economic Growth: Stimulate regional and national economic development by attracting investments.
  • Provide work opportunities inside the economic zones to create jobs.
  • Industrial Development: Encourage the emergence of a variety of industries to lessen reliance on established ones.
  • Export Promotion: For enterprises focused on exports establish favourable conditions. One can increase the nation’s export potential.
  • Technological Innovation: Promote the uptake of cutting-edge technologies.

Creation of SIFC Division

Additionally, in recognition of its expanding scope and mandate, the Prime Minister approved the formation of a dedicated ‘SIFC division’. This decision underscores the importance of streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency within SIFC.

Overview of SIFC‘s Progress

Officials from SIFC briefed the Prime Minister on the organization’s achievements and challenges. Established in June 2023, SIFC operates under a unique model designed to address national economic challenges by simplifying investment processes. This model aims to foster federal-provincial cooperation and streamline decision-making, thereby contributing to macroeconomic stability.

Evolution of SIFC’s Role

Over the past year, SIFC has evolved significantly:

  • It initially focused on key economic sectors but now covers the entire economy.
  • Services have expanded to support both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Engagement efforts have broadened to include regions beyond the GCC.
  • In addition to new investments, SIFC is addressing legacy issues.

Achievements and Challenges

SIFC’s proactive approach has bolstered international investor confidence, leading to increased interactions with global and domestic stakeholders. Despite these successes, the organization faces challenges due to limited human and administrative resources. Current staffing, comprising personnel from BOI, Pak-Army, and line ministries, is insufficient to handle the growing workload effectively.

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Prime Minister’s Support and Future Directions

Recognizing SIFC’s pivotal role, the Prime Minister commended its efforts and acknowledged the need for additional resources. It was agreed that SIFC would operate as a separate division to facilitate smoother operations and accommodate its expanding responsibilities.


Significant steps have been taken to improve the institutional structure and operational effectiveness of SIFC with the creation of the PMU and the SIFC division. These programs demonstrate the government’s dedication to fostering economic growth both at home and abroad by strengthening investment facilitation and forming strategic alliances.

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