What To Do After Keyword Research – Turning Research into Ranking Content

What To Do After Keyword Research

You just Done keyword research. High fives! But hold on, the adventure’s just getting started. Those keywords are like a pirate map leading to a treasure chest of content gold.

But you’ll need a shovel (and a solid plan) to unearth it. Imagine your keywords are a team of superheroes. Some are the big-name A-listers, bringing in tons of traffic (think “healthy recipes”). 

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Others are the stealthy ninjas, targeting specific needs (like “easy gluten-free breakfast ideas”).

The trick is to figure out each keyword’s superpower and what kind of problem it solves for users (search intent). 

Are they looking to learn something new (informational), find something specific (navigational), or buy something (transactional)? 

This intel helps you pick the perfect content format for each keyword, like a blog post for “healthy recipes” or a product page for a new gluten-free cereal.

Building Your Content Empire: Keywords Are Your Secret Weapon

Now that you know your keyword crew, it’s time to build your content game plan to dominate the search results. Here’s how keywords become your secret weapon:

  • Keyword Mapping: Think of it like assigning rooms in your content castle. Each keyword gets placed in the content piece that best targets it. Imagine “healthy recipes” going in the “cooking blog” section.
  • Content Gap Analysis: Ever peek over your neighbour’s fence to see their amazing pool? Keyword research lets you do the same with competitors. You can find topics they rank for, but you don’t, giving you a chance to create even better content and steal the spotlight (ethically, of course!).
  • Content Brainstorming: Feeling like your content is stuck in a traffic jam? Keyword research can be your GPS to freedom! Use long-tail keywords to create super specific, targeted content. Imagine your readers asking questions, and use your keyword research to answer them in blog posts, infographics, or videos.

Optimizing Your Existing Content 

You don’t always need to build new content from scratch. Keyword research can be your secret weapon for revamping existing content and making it shine. Here’s how:

  • Finding Hidden Gems: Think of some content you already have that could be ranking superstars with a little TLC. Keyword research helps you identify these hidden gems and optimize them for better results.
  • Title & Meta Description Makeover: These are like your content’s shop window display. Use your target keywords naturally to grab attention and make users click.
  • Content Refresh & Expansion: Sometimes, your existing content is thin. Use keyword research to find new information and insights to add some meat to its bones. Imagine a short blog post about “breakfast” turning into a detailed guide with tons of delicious and healthy recipe ideas.

Going Beyond Keywords: Building a Content Kingdom

While keywords are crucial, they’re not the only king in the content castle. Here’s how to create content that not only ranks but also keeps readers glued to the screen:

  • User Experience is King: Imagine your content as a playground. You want it to be fun, informative, and straightforward to use. Focus on clear designs, engaging writing, and excellent visuals to keep clients blissful.
  • Building Your Brand Voice: Let your personality shine through! Your content should sound like you, not a robot reading from a script. Are you funny? Informative? Share your special voice and expertise to set up a good foundation for yourself as a thought leader in your niche.
  • Spreading the word: Invite people over to your content castle after it has been constructed. Social media, email marketing, and influencer outreach are incredible ways of getting your content seen by the right crowd.

Tracking Your Progress and Conquering New Lands

The journey to content domination is a marathon, not a sprint. Here’s how to track your progress and keep getting better:

  • Keyword Ranking Tracker: There are tools out there that act like pirate treasure maps, showing you where the hidden gold (top rankings) is for your keywords.
  • Content Performance Analysis: Not all traffic is created equal. You have to look at metrics like engagement (comments, shares) and conversions (sales, signups) to see what content is truly winning hearts (and wallets).
  • Adapting Your Strategy: Numbers don’t lie, my friend. Use your data to refine your keyword approach and content strategy. A specific long-tail keyword isn’t performing as well as expected. It’s time to set sail for a different keyword niche and see if you can strike content gold there!

Conclusion: The Content Adventure Never Ends!

Doing keyword research can help you find hidden content gems, much like a pirate map. You can produce content that ranks well and connects with your audience by knowing your keywords, developing a strategy, optimizing your material, and making it easy to use.

Keep in mind that SEO is a journey. Continue producing high-quality material, monitoring your progress, and refining your approach. You’ll have no trouble creating a content empire that dominates search results and draws in readers.

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