Change your friends if they do not talk about business, wealth, and new opportunities

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As we know, science has already confirmed that people absorb energy from others. Friends improve our life, One should be very wise in friendship selection because it determines your thinking capabilities. Bad friends can make your life miserable but good friends can reshape and improve your life. Change your friends if they do not talk about business, wealth, and new opportunities

Personal relationships are very important. Bill Gates in his blog talks about how Warren Buffett has helped him to define success by the strength of one’s personal relationships. Both have been friends for decades now and Gates gives a lot of his success credit to Warren Buffett’s friendship.

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There is research that says, You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. In the modern age, it’s okay to talk about the lack of money or your bad credit situation but people generally do not talk about their huge bank balances, and frankly speaking, why should they?. If someone brags about their new Mercedez Benz car, it sounds as obnoxious as dragging nails on the chalkboard.

70 percent of all millionaires today are first-generation millionaires, they did not inherit their money from their forefathers. Instead, they worked to get to this place and have hard-earned their fortune. It takes courage to make money, the courage of risk, the courage of entrepreneurship.

Let’s look at it as a more simplified example. If you surround yourself with friends who talk about cars, you will automatically begin to like cars and would like to replace your old, rusted-out car with a new car. If your friends constantly talk about real estate, you will be inclined to take this as a new business for the sale/purchase of land and property. Everybody wants to be prosperous. Wealth makes one happy. There is no harm in going into business with a friend.

The reason why you should surround yourself with people, friends circle who talk about business, money is for changing your mindset for better business opportunities. Friends who talk about wealth, money, business are better destined to reshape your future than those who put your down.

They say, sit with winners, the conversation is different.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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