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  • Being Single Is Now A Disability – World Health Organization

    It’s a news that might just come as bit offensive but WHO – World Health Organization says, being single is a disability. According to WHO, every person living in this world have a right to reproduce. Unfortunately, homosexual or heterosexual are unable or unlucky to find their partners, the Telegraph reports. The new guidelines set by WHO […]

  • Quaid-e-Azam University is the Only Pakistani University Ranked in 500 Best Universities In The World

    The Global rankings 2019 is released and it includes Pakistan’s Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad among the 500 best universities in the world. QAU is marked at the global score of 46.6. The University was also ranked in top 500 Universities in Times Higher Education (THE) list earlier this year. 1250 educational institutes across the globe were […]

  • NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 has a winner in Islamabad and Karachi

    The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is the mega-competitive hackathon, where people miscellaneously participate and build some open source solutions by bringing up a concept, and utilizing it by coding, designing, visualizing, using a hardware in only 2-days. Organizers The competition was organized by Rah-e Qamar at The Millennium University  & College this year in […]

  • US to request five years of social media history for visa applicants

    The Trump administration is working on changing visa applications procedure. The new change may require all applicants to show five years of their social media history. This particular move is a major decision of President Trump’s effort to implement “extreme vetting” for letting people get in the country. The idea is to change the current procedure and […]

  • Did you know when to say “no’ at work? then find out

    Most of the people love being the one who takes on an impossible task and think things can be taken care of easily. But nodding to every opportunity that comes across your lap brings a stress overload for which you must learn to say “No”. The advice of saying “no” is a lot easier said […]

  • Top 5 Morning habits for a better day

    It often happens that when the alarm clock is ringing in the morning, you are thinking of your next course of action to hit the snooze button for an extra few minutes of sleep. This time often turns into 30 minutes or more and you lose time for your daily gum session or a morning […]

  • Flydubai signs up with Easypay to book flight tickets and to make payments

    Last year, EasyPaisa partnered with Emirates Airlines to book online and Pay later at any shop in Pakistan, this year Flydubai signs up with Easypay for booking flights tickets. Visit or call 111-225-539 to book your ticket and pay conveniently via Easypay! With flights to Dubai and to over 90 destination cities from Karachi, Faisalabad, […]

  • 5 Easy Ways to Find Scope of Any Degree in Pakistan

    It’s a nightmare for the young students of Pakistan to select a field that has scope in the future and end up selecting a field that no more jobs. Students should select those fields or degree that have great scope otherwise some jobs will be replaced by robots in the next few decades if this […]

  • 5 Things To Learn in Calgary Escape Rooms

    5 Things That You Will Learn in Calgary Escape Rooms

    Escape rooms have already got the attention of audiences worldwide. There are a number of companies all over the globe who have now entered this business of providing people with a place to play this game of fun and thrill with their gang. People are regularly playing However, one thing which people playing this game […]

  • Ads with Subliminal Messages

    6 Ads with Subliminal Messages That Might Surprise You

    Since a very long time, advertising has been using subliminal messages to engage its viewers. Many times the hidden messages advertisers use are hidden in plain sight but people still fail to interpret or see them. Finding hidden messages in a well-known advertisement makes people interested in the product more and also, therefore, makes an […]

  • How focusing your CV helps you stand out?

    Even if you haven’t needed to go the traditional route of sending a CV to apply for a job, the process of writing a focussed, up-to-date CV helps you crystallise your working strengths and career goals. As a marketing document, it should obviously sell you (in as little time as possible) to a hiring manager. […]

  • Abu Dhabi will now grant visa on arrival within 30 minutes

    Abu Dhabi has recently announced launch of new Visa counter for granting visa applications for transit and arriving passengers within 30 minutes. Passengers will be able to get 4 day, 96 hour Transit Visa on the new visa service at terminal 3. This facility is for all nationalities travelling through Abu Dhabi International Airport. This […]