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Online shopping for consumer’s convenience is running successfully all around the World, whereas; it is also achieving an edge of success in Pakistan. While having many pros of online shopping, there are some cons like issues, complications, and problems affecting the online shopping experiences of consumers.

The frequent online shopping problems are related to scams, frauds, and over-priced products or brands that affect not only the consumer but also the brand image. The trust factor is required for online shopping, and brands themselves create this trust by delivering the right product at the right time.

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In order to intensify the online shopping in Pakistan without facing any obstacle, a useful and user-friendly platform is designed named “Shoppingum.” is the first and real-time online shopping search engine which resolves the online shopping problems just by few clicks.

The exciting online shopping experience

For an exciting online shopping experience, Shoppingum is a useful search engine with live tracking and filters that allows the users to get their desired products online from any of the online stores of Pakistan. A single platform with beneficial features for consumers consists of more than 3.2 million products from around 210 online stores in Pakistan.

A successful online shopping experience boosts the confidence to shop online frequently, and is present to boost your online shopping trust and confidence. It solves almost all the shopping problems of consumer who wants the desirable product but afraid to get scammed by online ordering it.

How is solving online shopping problems

Pakistan and other countries are facing a crisis due to coronavirus, and people are facing hurdles to get their necessities. While following all SOPs and taking precautions, people are still worried and facing anxiety issues due to the fear of this transmittable virus. In these situations, shoppingum gathers and integrates the entire online shopping store to shop while staying at home. being a useful source has tremendously offered the best features for consumers to find their desired products at a single platform where the sophisticated search algorithm initiates a live product fetch details from all online stores of Pakistan. By this user gets the most desirable results on the screen, which is relevant and useful.

Fantastic feature to quickly check and compare the prices of any product with other similar products according to the scale range from lowest to highest is also available; this feature can save a person from over-priced products and scams. The feature to compare prices side-by-side of all products is also available, helping the user get the product at a desirable price. also enables the user to find the location of the store as the city, along with each product, is mentioned. And Product delivery days are also mentioned on the website. The most updated information regarding the store’s delivery is also mentioned.

Other benefits of is focusing on being the most useful, convenient, and time-saving platform for consumers of Pakistan. It is an open platform for all entrepreneurs who have their authentic, official online stores and are selling their products online can add their store on By this, every online store can successfully run their business for free with

This website is 24/7 available for users where the limited shopping time issue is also not an issue. Users can locate the nearest online shopping stores for quick delivery. New and used products all are available on the website to get the product up to your personal choice. Exceptional pricing filter to compare the price of a similar product from every store makes you confident during online shopping.

If you are searching for your desired product with its accurate description, visit, and make your shopping experience worthwhile.


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