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  • being laidoff

    Maximum productivity while being unemployed

    We experience a haze of emotions when we are going through the period of unemployment. The early feelings of freedom and endless opportunities suddenly shift to hopelessness and self-doubt. The morning time feels the worst and you feel embarrassed to go out. You don’t want anyone to know that you no longer have a job […]

  • Economia Pakistan Solar cars

    Pakistan’s first ever solar car makes big news

    Economia Pakistan has made the first ever solar driven cars to be used for shuttle services in Comsats University, Islamabad. Solar cars are all designed, manufactured in Islamabad, Pakistan. The cars are called “Solar Electric Golf Cart” and they are used for patrolling/shuttle services. The design capacity is for 5 persons but it can be used for […]

  • snapchat

    Snapchat’s major redo and latest universal feature

    Gaining a long-term following is the most important topic in the online world. SnapChat has recently addressed this issue by launching its universal search. It has been launched for come Android users and will be available for iOS shortly after. This feature nicely targets the problem of attaining new followers. SnapChat continuously met the criticism […]

  • instagram

    Instagram Stories hits 150M daily users

    The rising users of Instagram Stories have now reached to the number of users on SnapChat. Along with the recent statistics of the new 150 million users, Instagram has announced the launch of ads mixed into stories. The 15-seconds video ads and the un-clickable five-second photo ads will appear between different people’s stories that can […]

  • Popular


    How Driving A Taxi Prepared Me To Run An Investment Bank

    If something in life does not challenge your inner self, it will not change your life outwardly. Success comes when your inner ego breaks into pieces. The ” I ” in you has to shatter before you rebuild your new you. Its like a wall of bricks, each brick put together in totality makes an […]

  • screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-13-01-11

    PTCL paying tribute to the father of the nation

    Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) is reviving the sense of patriotism among the nation by paying tribute to the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah through a well-driven TVC which was aired around 25th of December. It is a two minute video which displays Quaid’s dream of stronger and prospered Pakistan. The commercial sheds light […]

  • mmusa

    MMUSA starts to ship worldwide

    One of the world’s largest sports supplement chain MMUSA has started to ship worldwide. A good news for all athletes who love shaping their body and are always looking for a creatine monohydrate, ATP advantage creatine serum. MMUSA, founded in 1995 is a billion dollar health supplement solution provider offering products in different categories such […]

  • youtube

    How to “Make” a YouTube Video – (The Ultimate Answer)

    STOP, right there! Lemme first teach you, How to ASK a Question! 🙂 Q: How to Make a YouTube Video? | WRONG Q: How to Record a YouTube Video? | CORRECT Why’s that? Because if you DON’T even understand the question yourself, why would you ASK it to anyone? How to MAKE a YouTube Video? […]

  • ddos-attack-on-internet

    Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Shopify, and many other websites are down

    Breaking: A Massive cyber attack has taken place and it has put down many websites including the tech giants such as Twitter, Spotify, Shopify and soundcloud. Internet Under Attack: Majority of websites are not accessible for many users all over the world since few hours. The reports are coming in that the outages are the […]

  • progressive startup ideas

    15 Simple Rules That Will Help You Build A Successful Startup

    Several tech startups in emerging markets have managed to cut through the fog without following the standard Silicon Valley rhetoric. from India is a multi-million dollar company that [hasn’t raised a penny] from investors to date. is a local startup that has managed to make a couple of million dollars without even talking […]

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