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  • business lady

    14 Habits of Highly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

    So, what makes some women more successful than others? Is it the random element of luck? Or the fact they are smarter than an average woman and have charming personalities? Whatever your stance is, one thing is for sure much of what make some women more successful is developing certain habits which they stick to […]

  • seo

    How to Grow Your Business Using SEO?

    Any business which does not make its presence online is prone to find itself nearing the end. The spectrum of change is such that online dealings have started making a huge impact on the success of any product being launched. People expect change and variety, and by going online, any company can increase their range […]

  • bitcoin

    Bitcoin Ruled In 2017. 2018 Will Be Ethereum’s

    The undisputed king of cryptocurrency had a ball of life in 2017. It started year 2017 under $1000 ($984 precisely) and went on to the maximum price of just under $20,000 before settling a bit at around $15,000 in the last few days. For Jez San, CEO of FunFair Technologies, an investor in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies […]

  • seo

    6 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Is Not Working

    Having an online presence is a necessity these days. Without that it is very hard to get any visibility among potential clients and opportunities. Since most entrepreneurs understand this fact, they often try really hard to implement an SEO strategy which they feel will work wonders for them. The SEO strategy is often based on […]

  • harmone

    Hormone deficiency leads to depression

    Both diseases – thyroid gland and mental problems, are caused by the same reason- the stress, and they have almost the same symptoms. Depression and anxiety are five times more common in patients with impaired function of the thyroid gland! These disorders are constantly rising in our country, especially in women who have hypothyroidism. These […]

  • degree

    5 Easy Ways to Find Scope of Any Degree in Pakistan

    It’s a nightmare for the young students of Pakistan to select a field that has scope in the future and end up selecting a field that no more jobs. Students should select those fields or degree that have great scope otherwise some jobs will be replaced by robots in the next few decades if this […]

  • peace

    4 Things to do in early 20s that make you exceptional in early 30s

    Among one of the things, we can’t get back in life is the time we have spent. Time is the thing which makes a person rich or poor, wise or stupid & depends on how a person spent it. Those who spent it wisely are enjoying life. How should a person spend his time and […]

  • hoor khan

    5 Reasons why we have become our millennial generation worst enemy

    It was when I was about to scold on one of my student who just got fractured elbow by tripping over something that I realized, “ It’s our fault”. It was the second injury in a row. Pain and emptiness in his eyes made me question myself, “Are we elders responsible for this frailness?” Now […]

  • talal masood

    iPhoneX discussed inside-out, is it worth the price?

    Technology wise, iPhoneX is definitely ‘THE’ best smartphone in the market to-date. The six-cores processor for the first time in an iOS device is beast power. Even the current iPhone 7Plus smashed all the other smartphones in performance. The neural engine is computing 600 billion instructions per second. So imagine how powerful the processor is […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.28.26-2

    Future of Block Chain and Crypto Currencies

    Imagine you are living 10,000 miles away from home and working really hard to fulfill your own and family dreams. Every single month you want to send money to your family, you look for options to save yourself from ripoff exchanges rates and hefty fees. Soon, you might be sending widely accepted crypto currency in […]


    Herself Women’s Convention 2017

    Taking a step. Empowering the women. Making a difference. On 8th of July 2017, PITB organized this fantastic event which was basically a capacity building program to create strength in entrepreneurship. It took place from 9 am to 7 pm in Arfa Software Technology Park. I have been working in the IT industry for a […]