Here is how 4 hormones of happiness spark up our life

Happiness is inexpensive, hurry up and get hold of it before it is too late.

Some hormones are responsible for bringing happiness in humans.

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There are four main hormones which when released in bloodstream bring the feeling of happiness.

  1. Endorphins
  2. Dopamine
  3. Serotonin
  4. Oxytocin

We feel happy because of these four hormones. Let’s discuss them in detail and find out their role in the human body.

First happiness hormone is Endorphins.

When we exercise our body releases endorphins to cope with pain so we can enjoy exercise. When we watch comedy shows or read jokes, this hormone is released in our body. To nourish this happiness causing hormone, we should do at least twenty minutes of exercise daily. This is why the research also says exercise makes you happier than money.

We should also watch a few comedy videos and read some jokes daily.

Second happiness hormone is Dopamine.

We complete so many small or big tasks in our daily lives. When we successfully complete a task, our body releases dopamine and we feel happiness. When we get appreciation in the office or at home, we feel good and successful. This feeling is because of dopamine.

Now you can understand why women do not feel happiness by doing house chores. It is because they do not get appreciation on their house chores as they are taken as routine work.

When we buy a new cell phone, car, house, clothes or anything, our body releases dopamine and we become happy. This is another reason why travelling makes us happier.

Third happiness hormone is Serotonin.

When we do something, which is beneficial for others, our body releases serotonin and we feel happiness. Problem-solving of people on Facebook, giving useful information on Quora, sharing useful and good information with people, writing blogs, inspiring others to do good things, these all things release serotonin in our body and we feel happiness.

Fourth happiness hormone is Oxytocin.

When we become in close contact with other human beings, our body releases Oxytocin. When we shake a hand or hug our friends, our body releases oxytocin. Hugging works like magic, when we hug our closed ones, it gives us a pleasant feeling and our body releases oxytocin in the bloodstream.

  • We can bring happiness in our lives easier.
  • We have to do exercise daily for getting endorphins.
  • We have to complete small tasks to get dopamine.
  • We have to help others to get serotonin.

And the last but not least we have to hug our closed ones, spent time with family and meeting our friends to get oxytocin.

This makes us happier and enables us to deal with daily problems and life challenges in a better way. It is one very reason why it is necessary to hug kids when they are in a bad mood.

For kids, encourage them to play in the playground to get physical activity to raise their Endorphins level. Appreciate them on their big or small accomplishments to raise their dopamine level.

Encourage kids to share their things and helping others. You can be a role model for your kids by helping others, it will raise the serotonin level in your kids.

Hug your kids to raise oxytocin in their bloodstream.

Be happy, make others happy.


This is a guest post by Rubina Yasmeen. She is a social activist, a mom and an accountant living in Canada.

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