This is what caused the outage to the Facebook-owned apps and CIA’s response is hilarious


Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were all down and not working properly for many users worldwide. The biggest issue was the inability to send and receive voice notes, view pictures and videos on the timeline as well as inside Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Today, 12 hours later, Facebook says the issue is resolved and all apps should be working 100% for everyone.

We have been trying hard since yesterday to figure out the problem for the downtime of all facebook owned apps. Today, we have the word.

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A Facebook spokesperson explained that a “routine maintenance operation” accidentally triggered a bug that made it difficult for users to upload or send photos and videos, across all Facebook-owned apps, the US media reported.

As reported yesterday #Facebookdown and #instagramdown were trending on Twitter all day. CIA did not waste an opportunity by tweeting a hilarious tweet saying.

It must be mentioned here that as people turned to Twitter to express their concern about Facebook-owned apps, Twitter began to have its own problem and had to tweet about the issue.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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