Facebook, WhatsApp were down and scammers had a time of their life ripping off innocent people with fake apps

Three hashtags were trending on twitter today after all facebook owned apps went down. Facebook corporation and its sub-applications (WhatsApp, messenger, Instagram) experienced a technical glitch 12 hours ago hindering the use of videos, images and documents causing huge loss to the advertisers worldwide. All we know for know was there was some international outage but the extent of it is not revealed yet.

While people turned to Twitter with hashtags  nobody knows what went wrong all of a sudden to all facebook owned apps.

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Taking advantage of this downtime. Spammers created an app on Facebook and sent messages to innocent Facebook, WhatsApp users all over the world and got hold of their sensitive data.

The message people have been receiving in the last 12 hours is.

This message was supplied with a fake Facebook app (thank God it is taken down now but a new app can be created within minutes) that asked people of sensitive information such as their name, phone number, address etc.

If you receive any such message, please be informed this is FAKE, a SCAM that will take your sensitive information and God knows how your data will be used on the internet.

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