You need 3 hobbies to become successful in life

Do things that you love to do. Hobbies help in relieving stress in life and keeping your mind occupied in productive activity. Hobby creates a bond with things and people. Hobbies are those activities we love to do without any internal or external pressure

We are living a mechanical life. Our daily morning routines begins from waking up on an alarm, dragging ourselves to get out of the bed, dress up, drive the car, grab a cup of tea from our favorite coffee shop’s drive-through, grabbing our coffee with doughnuts from drive through’s window, getting stressed by rush hour morning commute, texting in between red signals to office and then the tedious office routine.

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After spending all day in office, we wrap up our work and rush home in the evening, have to go through same traffic, reach out, lay on the couch, eat dinner, spend time on the smartphone and when who knows when sleep makes us free from all these routines for few hours.

Day and nights pass in a flash. We meet an old school friend suddenly at some summer Bar BQ. When we see their grown-up kids, we realize that enough water has passed under the bridge.

I go for an evening walk on a nearby walking trail every day here in Canada. We have a walking group of six ladies. Most of the time we discuss what we want to bring some change in our routine life.

Last summer, we attended a seminar at a local library. The topic of the seminar was the importance of having hobbies. One speaker discussed a famous saying which we all have heard before but never applied in our lives. It says each individual should find and introduce three hobbies that they love to do in their life.

1- Fitness hobby: One to keep you in shape and get physical fitness.

2- Creative hobby: One to keep your brain active and practice to think smart.

3- Money making hobby: One to make you money while you are not stressed to pay your bills because of the money generated by this hobby.

After coming from this seminar, we all decided that we will introduce these three hobbies in our lives to bring back a long lost fun while doing some healthy activities.

Now, I will share my personal experience what I did last year and continue to do so. It has changed my lifestyle. I felt the positive effects of these hobbies on my well being.

Here, I also want to say that hobbies are our changed way of pass time and they are not a planned forceful routine which is implemented by some life coach. I changed my lifestyle and now these hobbies are an integral part of my life.

1- Fitness hobby:

I love to go for walk and hiking. Last year I explore various hiking spots of the greater Toronto area.

The best spot was Forks of the credit provincial park, Caledon. I love to get exhausted and still hiking on ups and downs of long hiking trails. Last summer, every weekend which had no rain. I spent my time on those hiking trails.

On weekdays, I love to go for a walk on nearby walking trails. I am fortunate that famous Applewood trail of peel region is at fifteen-minute walking distance from my home.

When I start walking on this trail, I forget that I have to go back. Most of the time return journey is not that much pleasant as compared to the beginning. The joy of exploring the botanical life along the path of these trails in unparalleled.

I enjoy walking and hiking and I don’t do these activities to count how many calories I’ve burnt. I do this activity for enjoyment only.

2- Creative hobby:

I keep introducing new hobbies to this category. One permanent creative hobby is reading and writing. I love to read. There is no restriction of study material I prefer.

I am interested in reading anything. If I buy something and get it wrapped in a piece of newspaper, I never throw that newspaper without reading that.

It’s okay, you may smile but’ I feel that the universe has brought that piece of paper to me for a reason and I must read it.

Still smiling? No worries, keep smiling, it is is good for health.

I try to make a story from scattered information from those pieces of newspapers. I am not making up but that’s how it goes with me. Reading and writing are not only my hobbies, but these are also my habits and I enjoy them. I never get bored when I am alone because I am constantly surrounded by the world of amazing stories.

3- Money making hobby:

I do online trading of commodities.

I have a trading account with my bank and I prefer doing day trading. Day trading means, I buy commodities stocks just at the start of the day, keep checking price fluctuations and sell them daily when I find a hike in price.

I do not hold for long and it is my strategy to buy and sell daily. Sometimes, when there is some correction, price change is like a roller coaster and on those days, I hold and don’t sell. I keep them until I recover or get some profit on my original purchase.

I do this trading activity from my savings and I don’t have any pressure to make certain specific money to pay my bills from this hobby. I love working online and I don’t find it boring.

Alongside these three major hobbies, I also love to do problem-solving. Fixing my friend’s software problems is also my favorite hobby. Helping others to become financially independent individuals is another hobby. In fact, I love whatever I do, it makes my daily tasks my hobbies.

Do you have a hobby? Write in comments about your favorite hobby.

This is a guest post by a passionate writer ‘Rubina Yasmeen‘. She lives in Canada. All views expressed in this post are purely her own.
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