Why SEO Is Still Relevant In The Year 2018?

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Internet is becoming more and more powerful with each passing day and is influencing everything we do. Even the businesses which do not have any internet application need to have an online visibility to grow their presence. The phrase ‘Google it!’ is becoming more and more common and therefore it governs how good or bad your search engine optimization (SEO) is. So, for those who are questioning the essence of SEO, let us have a look at why SEO is still relevant in the year 2018.

Search Engines are still what people look up to

Like one of the phrases stated in the introductory paragraph, search engines are still what people look up to for all the solutions to their problems. In such a fast-paced world, remembering the exact address of the websites is something that people are not ready to. With the advent of search engines, the companies have provided a solution to this problem of people and the consumers are gleefully accepting it. So, when the search engines still rule the roost, the important of SEO cannot be overlooked.

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Great ROI

As compared to PPC, ROI on SEO is more. Though, ROI can vary significantly from business to business for same product/service but in a nutshell SEO has better ROI.

Further, SEO (organic traffic) converters better than PPC (paid traffic).

Keywords have not lost any significance

Once, it was the most important factor in the SEO which resulted in people beefing up their content with keyword and gaining high ranking. In order to curb this grey-hat practice, search engines started penalizing the contents which had too many keywords or where the keyword density was too much. This resulted in loss of rankings of many malpractices websites. The keywords once again hold the ace in search engine optimization but quality matters the most.

The good content has to be visible

Content is as good as its reach – the statement is absolutely correct. According to the search engine optimization experts, good content is an integral part of the SEO but only good content does not ensure a good rank in the search lists. There are many other factors like backlink (off-page optimization) and on-page optimization which play prime importance in the rankings. If your content is top class but it reaches only 100 users, what will be the significance of the content? The content has to be served to the readers so that they do not need to search for it. If the content is visible to more people, the chances of being shared among people are more. If you want to rephrase your paragraph or article you need paraphrasing tool for your content.

Ranking is a dynamic process

Ranking are always dynamic and not static, so it needs continuous care. It is one of the biggest myths that SEO is a one-time thing and once SEO has been taken care of, it does not require any further work. Ranking changes with every passing day as search engine updates their algorithms and competitors taking better care of their site. So, SEO needs continuous work. It’s not one-time.

There is no doubt that SEO will still be relevant in 2018 and years after that.

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