A Leap of Faith towards Entrepreneurship

Training & Consulting has been a passion of mine since the start of my career. Since 2014, I
have been engaged in training and speaking engagements beyond the job which I had.

I have recently taken a big leap in my career by establishing Training, Consulting, and a Coaching
company “Toosy Advisory Services”.

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Toosy Advisory Services focuses on Change Management, Lean Six Sigma & Information Security. I delivered one of my first training early in my career in the Year 2000. I still remember the topic which was Internal Quality Auditing for ISO 9001: 1994 & Tick IT. Since then I have been involved in Training, Public Speaking in Pakistan, UK & the USA. I have been delivering sessions on topics like the Lean Startup.

While preparing for one of the Lean Startup sessions a question came to my mind which was ‘What is my Unique Value Proposition? How can I create an unfair advantage for myself? The answer was clear that I needed to get a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification.

On 13th December 2019, I eventually became a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt which is the highest certification of its kind. One of the learning outcomes of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is Consultancy and Leadership skills to manage the full Lean Six Sigma project lifecycle from planning and scoping through to implementation and how to influence organizational “buy-in”.

It also gives the ability to Train, Coach and Mentor employees in any organization, up to Black Belt Level.

Another passion of mine is Change Management. A term often used by people often misunderstood and often misled about. Luckily I was exposed to Change Management at the University of Surrey where initially I studied Strategic Change Management. Then I researched the role of Leadership in reducing resistance to change. After applying the skills during my career I enhanced them by teaching and thoroughly reading the latest literature and trends in Change Management. Recently a Change Management Professional Body with a focus on Asia has been formed. Based on my profile I was chosen as the Country Representative of Pakistan for it.

At the moment we have representatives from 11 countries and soon China and South Korea will be on board too. We have had many conversations between us however the first face to face meeting is scheduled in Mid February 2020.

The idea was initially Ron Leeman’s and many of us have joined him. The focus and vision of that professional body are ‘To advance change and Transformation practices across the region by leveraging local insights and perspectives to deliver meaningful and measurable value to individuals and organizations.’

The mission is ‘As the Region’s professional body we seek to collaborate with organizations and educational institutions to build the competencies and skills of change and Transformation practitioners through the sharing of knowledge and setting of professional standards’.

I am a stern believer that in order to Master a topic one should read at least ten books on that subject to get different perspectives about it. One should also read literature that refutes the concept too if it exists. For the past few years, I have been engaged n external training and speaking arrangements within Pakistan as well as in the UK. The peak of my engagement was delivering a 30-minute session to the current University of Surrey Full Time MBA students in the same room where I myself took MBA Classes and sessions.

I can be found on https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohammad-ali-toosy-1948a84/
ICTP Asia can be found on https://www.linkedin.com/company/ictpasia/ & http://ictp.asia/
My company Toosy Advisory Services can be found on https://toosyadvisoryservices.com/


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