The More we Give, the More we Receive – Reciprocity is the New Currency

we rise by helping and lifting others

We are at a time in history when so many people are disillusioned from the deluge of stimulus and feelings of disconnection. Today our North American culture is suffering from too much; too much sugar, too many carbs, busy schedules, increased technology and high-stress levels to meet the demands of being a good consumer. People are desperately looking to have their needs met while surviving in a culture of overwhelm.

For many, the way to meet this need is the classic What Is In It For Me (WIIIFM).

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This way of looking to have our needs met undermines a very crucial principle to how tribes lived for a millennium before the rise of cities and the loss of social connection. A life where one can share one’s gifts while receiving the offering of others. This principle of reciprocity guided how we traded, who we partnered with and our basic survival. When we give without expectation of return, we tap into the abundance that is the natural order on this planet.

This natural law is seen in mother nature’s wisdom between flowers and bees. Bees dance around flowers like bears prance around hives. They pollinate the majority of plants on this planet. Sweetness flows from this mutual act of giving and receiving. Pollen is even the homoeopathy of vast networks of biodiversity. This act of reciprocity in nature can be applied to our own human relationships and bring incredible results.

Gifting economies, like that of Burning Man, are tied to the idea that joy is inherent to give. That being in service to others can add a dimension of interconnection and stimulate positive endorphins in the body. Especially when it is unconditional.

Does this shift the vibration from what will I get to how can I give?

The beauty of this shift is evidenced in the transformational experience so many have when attending Burning Man.

Reciprocity and unconditional giving stretch us to discover that our needs can be creatively met by a much larger network of people than we have in our insular families or work environments.

Experiment with being more generous, helpful and positive and witness this vibration reverberate back to you.

The old maxim says the more we give, the more we receive.

When we give freely, openly and without conditions or inhibitions, unlimited possibilities will come often in unexpected ways, likely not from the source of the giving.

Resonance is an intentional community with a focus on conscious co-living, coworking and wellness events located on several hundred acres in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone.

At Resonance, we have created our Work Exchange program to give people the opportunity to live in a community based on the understanding of reciprocity. We aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. We are an inspired and integrative community, committed to co-working, living and learning together.

We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service. Resonance is built on a foundation of integration. Our wellness is optimized by an integrated approach to all the parts that make the whole. Each part plays a valuable and interdependent role. Each part is a work of art in and of itself and when each of these parts comes together, a masterpiece is born. This is our invitation. To hear the call of Resonance: High Vibration Living.

When we give without expectation of return, we tap into the abundance that is the natural order on this planet.

This is the currency of reciprocity which places emphasis on collaboration overconsumption. Resulting in the individual and collective needs being met with greater harmony.

Mama T Synergy Is a CoFounder of Resonance


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