Facebook vs FaceApp | No-No, Facebook is fine because, the other is Russian owned

In the world of technology what’s American is American and since it is made in America, it’s the best and the most reliable thing and it should not be competed with.

Wait, did I say competed with?

No argument, be it technology such as 5G or social media supremacy. Come on, you’ve got to accept, ‘Made in America’ is the best and that’s what people trust. Even though a product is made in China but sold in the US it’s still American product you see…

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With pun intended, I would float my article on some interesting and humorous facts.

Grab some popcorns, sit back and enjoy because this is going to be interesting. Trust me on my inner intuition, I can guarantee you that.

To begin with, anything that tries to gain popularity on the internet and it is not made in America or is not operating inside America is not an American and therefore it’s not the best and there should be no doubt about it.

Welcome to the world of technology in the 21st century where our online presence, our content, our pictures and videos are 200% safe because they are populated on worlds largest social media websites and guess what, they are all Made in the USA.

You are safe online, there’s nothing to worry mate. I mean, after-all, Cambridge data leak was just one-off episode and every now and then small leakages do happen here and there but that’s fine. You are no celebrity and what will the world do with your data?. They’ve got you covered.

We are safe and worst come worst, what will happen – our 10 years face challenge was just to see how we looked in the past and it was secure but hey wait a second. It is completely different, not appropriate to use another app that uses AI to see how you will look in the future and since it is Russian based, who knows what FaceApp will do with your pictures?.

I mean, it’s safe with American based apps but it’s so un-safe with Russian or any other country’s app because they are not U.S based.

Listen, it’s simple but I don’t know why I am unable to explain this in an easy way… Let’s try one more time.

Let’s put things in perspective. American technology apps are backed up by legislation and that essentially means, the owners of the apps can’t get away with anything that’s projected with any bad intentions to hurt their users.

In the video below, see how they literally grilled Facebook CEO — giving him some great suggestions and by asking brilliant questions.

Watch yourself. Here is the proof.

Google’s CEO did not have a fun time either at Congress.

He was asked, why does Donald Trump show up on the keyword search…..umm, nevermind, watch yourself.

On another occasion, Google CEO was asked a great question about the iPhone and he brilliantly answered without even bringing a smirk on his face.

What? – What’s so funny here. This is a serious article. Why are you laughing?

See, the law is very strict for the U.S based technology apps and businesses. These companies can’t afford to screw up their users leave alone their user privacy. I mean, the data can be leaked, that’s a different story but the procedures are pretty robust.

In the case of non-U.S based apps with no U.S presence, there is no control over the activity and data.

So, let’s cut the chase and come to the point — FaceApp is not fine.

It is a Russian based app, no one has control over their activity and they could use your picture to put on their billboards making you an overnight celebrity. Also, they will take your data from pictures, could be worth millions of hidden dollars — you don’t even know about but still, don’t you get it?

They are Russians, they are not Americans and Russia is far away on the map too from the United States of America. I mean, not that far but there is water in between.

Another incident rings the bell. It happened just over a couple of months ago.

Umm, let me think – I am thinking, I am thinking…Oh yeah, I remember…

Okay, it was a 5G issue and The U.S banning Huawei over privacy concerns just because The Chinese based company was all set to launch its 5G and wanted to take first-mover advantage.

Listen, Chinese products are not safe you see, they are Chinese.

The ban was eventually lifted after many voiced their opinion about the Hitler-type approach from the oval office but that did not stop many people revealing the actual story about the 5G, especially, on U.S late-night talk shows.

Take a look at how Trevor Noah explains the US and Chinese Face off in the 5G War.

The message sent to the world was simple and pretty easy. We will take the first-mover advantage and won’t let China launch 5G first, reason, it’s Chinese – Don’t you still get it?

One wonders to wonder, why Chinese are so ahead of the race.

They did not allow any U.S based social media app, visual content app or a chat/messenger app. Instead, they allowed their businesses to flourish and launch the apps to ensure the data stays within the country by using their own language.

It’s a war my friend, it is called ‘5th generation warfare’.

It’s going to be fought using social media, technology and one who gains supremacy by hook or crook will remain on the top.

After all, everything is fair in love and far.

Facebook is good, you can continue uploading your pictures on the world’s largest social media platform but hey, don’t you know, your pictures can be misused if you use FaceApp because…

Common, it’s Russian, how many times I have to say this 🙂

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)