Most Popular Emoji and Trends of 2019 Revealed on World’s Emoji Day

Wednesday was the world’s emoji day. Adobe released its annual 2019 Emoji Trend Report telling us the use of popular emojis in the USA. To get the data, Adobe surveyed 1,000 emoji users in the U.S.

Here is what the report says.

  • The most popular emoji was the laughing face with tears of joy 😂
  • The second popular was the heart ❤️
  • Blowing kiss face was ranked third 😘

Here is how the dual emoji were popular.

  • The hearty eyes and the blowing kiss face 😍😘
  • The laughing face with tears of joy and rolling on the floor laughing face 😂🤣
  • The third popular dual emoji was the blowing kiss face and red heart 😘❤️

Adobe also stated some additional stats and facts about emoji usage.

  • About 91% of emoji users said they use the characters to “lighten the “mood of conversations”
  • About 91% said they use characters to “show support to people.”
  • 81% said they believe other emoji users are “friendlier and more approachable.”
  • The participants said the greatest benefits of emoji were the ability to “communicate across language barriers” and the ability to share “instantly thoughts and ideas.”
  • 65% of participants said they feel more comfortable expressing emotion through emoji than a phone call.
  • The survey also found out that the women are most likely to use the crying face 😭, heart ❤️ and blowing kiss face emoji 😘
  • Men prefer to use crying face 😭, smiling face 😁, and single teardrop face 😢

You can find the full Adobe Emoji Trend Report 2019 here. The article originally appeared on iDropNews

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