6 Secret Money Making Hacks Your Friends Won’t Tell You

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How many of you know that you can earn from social media? And how many have actually earned anything? There are numerous money-making opportunities on social media that you may not know of. In fact, social media can be quite lucrative if used properly for seeking business opportunities.

It’s a common perception that social media is more into connecting people, and not for doing business. But at some point, you want to get leverage from the connections you make. If you have built up enough trust with your followers, they will be willing to check out the recommendations and the links you share.

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Let’s take a look at some money-making hacks that can turn social media into a money machine for you.

Promote Affiliate Products

No matter which industry you are working in, you can find great products to promote on Click Bank and get affiliate links from Amazon. By becoming their affiliate, you can earn commissions from the products and services you sell on their website. 

Amazon provides a vast number of products of your interests. The most honest and effective way of promoting affiliate products is through reviews. If you’ve used a product personally and like it and feel that your followers can benefit from it, you can write a long-form review on your blog or make videos and post on your social media to share the reasons for liking that particular product.

Create & Promote Your Own Products

You can create and promote your own information products. If you have a blog and have developed certain expertise, you can create an E-book, audio program, or video course and sell it to your audience.

Social media is the perfect place to promote such products. Various platforms including GumroadSellfy, and Amazon have already made it easy for you to publish and sell Your PDFs, MP3,s or video files. You can label the products with the price of your choice.

Promote Products and Services

There are also many opportunities for you to share sponsored posts that promote the products and services of other companies. It has been found to be a very direct mode of earning from social media. If you have a good following on social media, by doing Podcasts and video shows, you can give a shout-out to different companies and charge them for this service.

Many famous Facebook Podcasters are monetizing their videos through sponsorships.

Use Visual media to promote Your Crafts.

If you have good artistic skills you can use the power of social media to make good money. You can share your handmade crafts, art sculptures, garments, and knit-wears, bakery items. Instagram and Pinterest seem to be the best channels for marketing your products alongside Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Join YouTube Partner Program

Building a YouTube channel is a great task because initially, building followers takes some time. But, If you have great content, and engaging videos and enjoy a handsome channel following, you can make good money by joining the YouTube Partner Program. If a 7-year-old can make 22 million in a year playing with toys on YouTube, you have a chance too.

Through Freelancing Websites

Since 2015, the Upwork platform has instantly become one of the largest online earning websites in the world and arguably the best too. One of its few competing platforms that can match its size and scope is Fiverr. The simplest service you can offer is writing and data entry.

Since 2010, Fiverr has been leading the online Gig economy and has been providing contractual online work to freelancers worldwide. You can earn good money by providing your services on different freelance marketplaces.

You can share your freelancing profiles on your social media and encourage friends and followers to check out the links.

This is a guest article contribution by Naureen FatimaResearch Assistant NIMA (National Institute of Maritime Affairs)

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