5 Ways to Get Started as a Freelance Travel Writer

If you love writing, then working as a freelance writer will be a great career option for you. A freelance writer is a person who writes for various companies and publications. The writer has the option to choose the topic of interest and work on that project.
It is important for you to separate yourself from a wannabe if you really want to leave an impression. The world is hard as it is when it comes to freelance writing jobs but if you create the right persona for yourself then it is quite possible to be a successful travel guide working as a freelancer.

Here are some tips to help you figuring out how to be a freelance travel writer.

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  • Select A Niche


If you really want your work to be value then start by picking a niche for yourself. It is imperative you to do so because if you want your work to be recognized and given importance you need to write like you know about it.
In simple words your articles should make sense otherwise they will not attract any crowds. Once you start becoming really good at writing about a certain topic for example travel writing or food blogging; you should try and market your content through social media. Social media is free and has an unbelievable coverage so it would be a good idea to go through that way. This way people will associate you with a particular kind of writing.


  • Work Your Way Up by Starting Small


When you want your work to be accepted by the best publishes from across the world, you might not really get any success in the initial months and this would lead to a lot of disappointment.
So, instead of trying to chase the big fish, you should think about going slow and steady. Try contributing to the local publications. Get your content out in the open using any platform. Initially just try and understand what kind of writing is really your passion and what is expected out of you when writing it.


  • Quality of Writing Is Important


I cannot stress enough on this point. Without good quality content you are not going anywhere. And I don’t mean that you need to be William Shakespeare or Robert Frost, but you need to make sure that your writing is crisp, clear and has a story to tell.
Before beginning with your work start with a lot of research. You need to go and read as much as possible from reputed sources. It will allow you to understand the writing requirements in your genre. This will make you feel well prepared and in fact will help you in the long run.
And if you aspire to be a travel write then you will probably need to travel to different places to get some idea about it. To save yourself from the glare of the sun remember to check out sunglasses from Sunglass Picks.


  • Build A Portfolio of Online Presence


Building a portfolio is very important for any career opportunity. It applies in the same way for a freelance writing position.
You can start off with doing some content writing internship at well-reputed institutions. This will make your portfolio grow in terms of brand value. Initially you can try and do some of them for free, but you need to learn when to stop doing things for free.
Get your content on the online world. Try to make sure that your content reaches as many relevant people as possible. To be recognized you need to have a very good online presence and work on your portfolio of contributions.


  • Keep Networking


Networking might seem really hard for a lot of people who love to write. In fact, many of the writers are usually introverts and do not want to spend a lot of time talking with others. Though there is nothing wrong in being an introvert, it is important for you to now more people who can possibly connect you to the right people who might give you your dream offer.

So instead of just huddling up in a corner, give people a chance and try to be a little open. If you want to be a travel or food blogger then this skill is something really important and you need to work on them.

It is not very hard to start working as a freelance writer. But as any other job you need to do your homework for it and show commitment because without them you will just have the capacity to watch from outside.

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