Avoid burnout by staying alerts to the following 6 signs

When people become deeply disillusioned with their job, they experience burnout. It feels all the things that inspired them to get lost and the entire tedious and unpleasant things crowd in.

If you want to know whether your job or career is in a risk of experiencing a burnout, then you must look for the signs. You need to prevent burnout by staying alerts for following signs:

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1. You are having health issues:

Burnout affects your mental as well as physical health. If you are experiencing back pain, heart disease, depression, anxiety, or are getting sick very often, it means your work is playing a part in this. You need to reorganize yourself and redirect your approach towards work otherwise the way you are doing it will negatively impact your health.

2. You are making silly mistakes:

The studies have proved that the part of the brain responsible for executive function impacts you memory, decision-making ability, focus, and provides you emotional control. But when you experience burnout, you start making silly mistake by forgetting important things, make poor decisions, and lose your grip in controlling your emotions.

3. You feel exhausted:

Burnout often makes you feel exhausted and even after a good night sleep, wake up with no energy. It makes you drink large amounts of caffeine in order to stay active and do your work.

4. Dissatisfaction:

It may happen that the projects that used to make you excited are no longer of interest anymore. You feel dissatisfied with any project you do because no matter how much you effort you put in, you feel like it is of no use. The nagging sense of dissatisfaction is a clear sign of burnout.

5. Poor performance:

People who perform really well in their work are more likely to experience burnouts. It is because they work so hard without being able to keep a balance. They literally feel their performance lowering don with the passage of time. If you are seeing a dip in your performance then it means you are going through your burnout phase.

6. Lose your motivation:

When you start your job, you become passionate about it and leave no opportunity to work hard. But as the time passes, you lose motivation for doing the same and struggle when it comes to completing tasks. It feels the motivation that used to drive you are no longer there and you start missing deadlines and get near to losing your job.

If you feel you are experiencing any of the symptoms then you need to start taking care of yourself. You must realize the importance of keeping a balance because you can accomplish more once you take time off from work and use it to recharge yourself for taking on the challenges ahead.

Via: Forbes

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