4 Things to do in early 20s that make you exceptional in early 30s

We can’t get back in life is the time we have spent. Time is the thing which makes a person rich or poor, wise or stupid & depends on how a person spent it. Those who spent it wisely are enjoying life. How should a person spend his time and how to get the most out of it, is one of the best research topics of all time. All the scientists, professors, and scholars have agreed to the point that if a person acquires some good habits and follows up some rules and techniques to spend his time in his early 20s, he will be flourished in his early 30s.

Following are the four things that a person must do in this regard are:

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1. Read two books a month:

What to do to become wise enough and to be successful? This is the most asked question successful people come across on daily basis and many of them give a short answer which is “start reading!”

Everyone wants to be inspirational; everyone wants to learn impactful qualities and skills. It is proved by a study that these things are achievable via habits of reading. It is suggested by gurus that a person should read two books a month. There is a variety of considerable topics like history, philosophy, psychology, etc. A person should read autobiographies as much as he can. An author never lies in his autobiography. He writes his entire life experience in his autobiography which is readable in only 12 reading hours.

MirMak (renowned international investment banker) said in his recent interview that he has read more than 700 autobiographies. Now we can imagine his level of intelligence and one of the key factors that helped him to accomplish his goals.

2.      Follow all the people who inspire you:

It’s good to follow an international mentor, but it’s better to follow the people in one’s own country and town. Because they are accessible and from time to time they organize seminars, workshops and other activities we can take part in. It’s easy to set up a meeting with them. We can buy a man time and his physical presence at a given place. If some one desires to be a writer, follow all the renowned writers, if someone is interested in tech; follow all the IT specialists. A person should have a firm knowledge of his industry and dedicate his time to continual development.

Sit with winners, the conversation is different

3.      Invest in yourself

What not to do is as important as what to do. The best investment one can do is to invest in himself to know his area of interest. According to the rule of nature, that kind of investment will always be cashed out. Those kinds of people have a great sense of where they are going and how they want to get there. They choose their battlefield and start taking small steps to conquer their area of war.

4.      Make passive Income

Passive income is something that adds money to the account while one is sleeping. In this modern era, it’s not difficult to generate a passive income. The Internet makes it easier, a person just needs a skill by utilizing that skill he can easily generate passive income. Building a mobile app is one of the best examples which is only one year process from learning code to publish an app on the store. Other demandable skills are content writing, graphics designing, photography, sketching, etc.

Success isn’t static. All the successful people have gone through a tough time; they all have a story to tell. If there is no journey, there is no success. Great things always take time and it’s not easy, if it’s easy everyone would be doing it. It needs consistent practice, perseverance, and a lot of willpower. As Rory Vaden said;

Success is never owned, It is only rented,
And the rent is due every day

This is a Guest Post by Basit Miyanji. You can reach him directly at [email protected]


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