Pakistan needs to invest in its internet infrastructure for better economic growth

Last week, Pakistan experienced an awkward scenario when the students in Balochistan protested against online education, showing discontent, and were beaten up.

The situation is not one of its unique types, this one just caught media attention otherwise students from other cities are also voicing their opinion on poor internet infrastructure, primarily on social media.

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The protest is wrongly attributed to students not willing to get online education and attend online classes. The real issue is the internet connection and because of the lack of proper internet speed, not only students from Balochistan but also the students from many cities of the country are unable to take live classes and appear in exams.

COVID-19 has changed the world. Online education seems to be the way forward. The whole world is experiencing this virtual transformation from brick and mortar education and I personally believe, there is nothing wrong with it. The reason being, this model can orchestrate more number of students, resulting in more people getting the education and possibly reducing the current education hefty fees too, making it affordable for a common man to get his children educated.

As a teacher who teaches on social media and educates students about the importance of Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Blogging, etc — my goal is to empower our youth so they stand tall on their feet and start making money. Many students from mainstream cities have actually cemented their place on the internet and are making good money but the silver lining here is — students from major cities.

The cities where internet connection speed is fast and easily accessible. The real problem lies with the cities where there is a lack of decent internet facilities and accessibility. They are struggling to get started on the internet for education and working purpose. The lack of proper internet speed is what results in their inability to get proper education and also to work on the internet and make money. These students have equal rights to access good internet speed as much as people from major cities of Pakistan do. Nobody is a lesser human, regardless of where they live and deserves equal opportunities to excel in life.

So for me, the real issue is internet access and speed all across the country.

In spite of the efforts we make to empower our talented youth, if a student is deprived of a decent internet connection in the country, speedy economic progress is a far cry, and a dream to empower youth is merely a dream.

If we wish to prosper financially by empowering out people all over the country, internet access is the first stepping stone and I request Prime Minister’s Digital Pakistan initiative to address this issue as a priority. If we can provide proper internet to everyone, we are equipping them with proper tools to access equal education and a chance to participate in the online world.

You never know, how much talent is already wasted amid lack of internet facility, and if the facility is provided, who knows, the next big start-up idea of the world may emerge from the soil of Pakistan.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)