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  • snapchat

    SnapChat new augmented reality feature brings Bitmoji to the real world

    SnapChat has no doubt given rise to a trend of selfies but now, the platform seems to be revamping the whole game. Snap gave rise to the augmented reality features which have grown in popularity now. It was the first one to launch major consumer apps. Its’ after SnapChat that platforms like Facebook and Instagram […]

  • ez – A new payments app by Google

    Tez by Google is a Payment App for India

    Google has recently introduced its mobile payments in Asia named as Tez. This is a mobile wallet that has been launched in Asia for allowing users to link up their phones to their bank accounts. This will be a great help as this can be used for online payments and for person to person transfer […]

  • iphone

    Apple is banning misleading apps

    Apple not just introduced the iPhone 8 but seems to be taking all safety measures in order to make the device successful. For this reason, Apple has also updated its developer app review guidelines in order to make sure that the App Store does not contain any apps that can harm the device. The company […]

  • Latest iPhone 8, all screen-dominated front

    Apple’s new iPhone X and the iPhone 8 support fast charging

    This year, Apple has introduced three of its devices including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the flagship device known as the iPhone X. all these iPhones are the first of their kind to support quicker charging, Engadget reports. These devices are provided with a higher capacity charger to get most of the battery life back with […]

  • google delete

    Android backups are being deleted by Google if you don’t use phone

    Unless a phone is left idle, Google has made it pretty easy for Android users to migrate from one device to the other. It has removed the need to set up the handset all new. But recently, a user complained that his backup started to get automatically deleted without any notification. According to the user, […]

  • instagram_stories

    Share Stories on Instagram through direct messages

    Since Instagram has introduced Stories to the platform, it has introduced many updates for increasing its usefulness for users. But among all the other tools and instruments, Instagram has long been missing one its most important tools of all, user’s ability to share a story through direct messaging. The ability of Direct Messages has recently […]

  • iphone 8

    Portrait lighting is the new amazing feature in Apple’s iPhone 8

    Portrait Lighting is the new feature that has been introduced for Apple’s iPhone 8 camera. This is the feature that works in addition to the smartphone’s existing Portrait mode. The company has made use of the machine learning in order to make the feature work when the images are taken in the camera. It allows […]

  • Apple iphone event 2017

    Apple introduces iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and Apple watch

    On September 12, the tech giant Apple has introduced its long awaited iPhone named as the iPhone X. it is the latest model leading the line of the iPhone generation. Along with the company’s latest model, Tim Cook has also launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Also, in addition to its iPhone series, […]

  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp is testing on deleting unsent messages

    Ever sent a message on WhatsApp and regretted afterwards because there is no ability to delete that message in the App?. You than also went on to Google and searched for “how to delete WhatsApp messages” but sadly there is no help because the feature was never introduced by the company at first place. Well, there […]

  • facebook 10 years road map

    Facebook testing instant videos on WIFI connection

    A new feature named as Instant videos is being tested by Facebook that will help users to always have videos ready to be watched. With the help of this feature, users will not have to waste their time in downloading the videos. Just by being connected to WiFi, this feature will download videos and will […]

  • xiomi

    Xiaomi launches full screen Mi Mix 2 just before Apple’s iPhone X launch.

    There is a new revolution in smart phone industry and every smartphone company is following it. It started with Samsung S8 followed by many other companies who came up with their latest flagship as full screen, all font dominated smart phones. The objective is to make users feel that they are holding a full screen […]

  • YouTube introduces direct messaging and sharing features like Instagram

    YouTube Mobile App get video playback speed control feature

    After a complete redo of website in over a decade, YouTube introduces one of the most wanted feature on Mobile apps. The playback speed controls for a YouTube video is available on web for years but it was always in demand for mobile Apps. Finally, YouTube has introduced the video playback speed control feature on […]

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