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    highest paid jobs 2016 USA

    High paying jobs from home

    Living in what some people call The Gig Economy, creating a living through a patchwork of part-time jobs has become a trend. People mostly work from home for these jobs but it does not mean they compromise on their wages. Many people do work on entry level and non-professional roles but it is not limited […]

  • mark-zuckerberg

    Facebook’s delegation expected to visit Pakistan over Blasphemous content issue

    Today’s world is a place where opportunities for intercultural exchanges multiply. Even as we strive to consolidate our common values, the potential for cultural enrichment develops constantly. But as the communities strive to work together, their opinions may differ. This creates an atmosphere of intolerance and sometimes the freedom of expression and thoughts of people […]

  • QS Worldwide Universities ranking

    World’s best Universities by subject, QS latest ranking released

    Historically, education institutions were considered cultural landmarks for their home nations. They were responsible for educating their own students, training their own academic staff, and storing the cultural and local histories of their regions. But as the global environment for education expanded, the stakeholders in the field of education were forced to reevaluate their priorities […]

  • boris becker twitter

    Lots of Twitter accounts hacked, issuing Nazi references in Turkish

    In an on going conflict between Germany, Netherlands with Turkey, hackers seem to have hijacked lots of celebrities, Government official twitter accounts and issuing Nazi references in Turkish language. Along-with the hashtags in the tweets, the video of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is also embedded making a speech, CNET reported. The Hijack movement seems […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 18.35.46

    Beware of the fake attachment scam Gmail

    Normally, phishing scams are pretty easy to detect but some of these are devilishly clever and might dupe you if you are not clever. Attackers most often disguised themselves as someone you know and the worst of it is that everything about them seems pretty normal. A recent such attempt has targeted Google. The attacker […]

  • technology trends in 2017

    With Claims of C.I.A. Hacking, here is how to protect the devices

    With Wikileaks unleashing a treasure trove of data to the public, it seems to be exposing all the information about the CIA’s arsenal of hacking tools. The recently published documents by WikiLeaks have made people’s skin crawl underneath. It has revealed how the Central Intelligence Agency is using a wide variety of technological product to […]

  • Prisma

    Prisma’s new photo filter is set to rock again

    Chances are that you have seen a lot of selfies this season that has been edited with Prisma. It offers a unique blend of neural networks and artificial intelligence to help you turn your notable moments into timeless art pieces. Prisma has made a major breakthrough by allowing users to process photos without the internet […]

  • edges2cats

    Design Nightmare cat with machine learning tool, Chrome recommended

    Enthusiasm over the potential social impact of machine learning is not just limited to big gigs; it has the potential to solve many of the regular human issues. By using machine learning tools, enormous gains can be made by common people. But some of the most important issues generally faced today fall within the cracks […]

  • How to Choose the Apple iPhone

    iPhone’s 8 could have the best next generation selfie camera

    The LG and Android headsets always arouse excitement among users with their new models. But a new iPhone always seems to trump rival phones when it comes to buzz and hype. Currently, Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 is the talk of the town. The new iPhone is expected to have next generation front facing camera […]

  • technology trends in 2017

    Learn how to design for privacy and security

    These days, startups grow rapidly and in this instant period of growth it is extremely difficult for them to correct course once they recognize missteps. They sometimes do not understand the mechanics of operating till they reach the moment of truth i.e. data breeches. They consider security just like friction which creates hurdles in getting […]

  • snapinc

    You can buy Snap Spectacles for $130

    Today,Snap begins selling its video-recording sunglasses Spectacles openly online for $129.99 in the US at According to Snap Spokes person, Buyers will have to wait up to four weeks for their Spectacles to ship. Moreover, they can also buy $49.99 charging cases, $9.99 charging cords. A Snap Spokes person explains “As Evan shared in […]

  • twitter eases 140 character limit

    Managing abusive tweets and users is much easier with Twitter

    Internet holds a lot of opportunities that allow us freedom of expression regardless of the faith and class we belong to. But these prospects overshadow the challenges it brings with it. While the internet is not separate from the realm of laws, there are complications in controlling the responses of people that fill the space […]

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