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  • iphone 8

    Features of Apple’s iPhone 8, an insight

    Apple’s iPhone 8 is one of the most awaited phones of 2017. A lot of features are expected to become a part of the 10th anniversary device that is continuously being buzzed around. For people who have not been able to review how many premium features this device will include, following are the few features […]

  • fb ads

    Facebook Messenger ads must be destroyed, they are annoying.

    The ads on the Facebook messenger are known to take the half of the screen when users try to use the service. Recently, the social media giant has redesigned them as part of a larger rollout. But the company has yet failed to fix some of the reasons that these advertisements are not good and […]

  • facebook 2 billion

    Facebook Messenger will start showing Ads from Next Month

    1.2 billion people use Facebook all over the world, this number is higher than the number of cars on the road and planes in the sky in the world. This shows a phenomenal growth this social media has gained over the past few years. Facebook is constantly introducing new features, the very idea of making […]

  • Calibri

    A computer FONT is a HOT topic in the political news in Pakistan and here is WHY?

    No one could have ever thought that the use of a FONT would make such a big news in an investigation. The involvement of the Pakistan’s Prime Minister into the Panama leaks has created a political tension in the country. Recently, PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz has gotten involved in the Panama issue. JIT called in Ms. […]

  • upwork-release

    UpWork releases 20 Fastest growing Freelance skills

    The latest quarterly indexes of the most popular skills in the U.S. freelance marketplace have been recently released by UpWork. The 20 fastest growing skills have been ranked by the UpWork Skills Index. This list is a part of the index that focuses on the upcoming skills that freelancers provide. According to reports, around 49% […]

  • Microsoft layout plan

    Microsoft confirms the layoff reports

    Microsoft has been making efforts to streamline its plans from many weeks. This is something that is expected to reorganize the sales team which will impact thousands of workers at the company which can range from 3,000 to 5,000. The reports indicate that around three-quarters of the cuts will be taking place outside the U.S. […]

  • shortturm

    5 amazing tips to Improve your short-term memory

    The distractions and lack of focus in our lives cause us to suffer from poor short-term memory. The continuous form of anxiety make our memory muscles weak and make them worse as we age. But forgetfulness is something that occurs regardless of the age. This is something that makes us forget names of the people […]

  • apple-expension

    Apple continuing with its Asia expansion

    Apple has recently opened its store in Taiwan. Staffed with an initial workforce of 130 employees, Apple has set up an inaugural store in Taipei 101. The doors to the store opened up at 11 am according to the local timings but the Apple fans were reported to have queued in lined up to almost […]

  • facebook

    Facebook is testing revamped video tab

    Facebook has recently introduced a new video tab in the Android application. This is the tab that indicates that Facebook is now moving towards creating a video platform. The company aims to attract people who are obsessed with its rival services such as YouTube. This feature by Facebook offers an infinite stream of videos from […]

  • brain

    Passwords can be snipped by the hackers through brainwave signals

    In the online world, your password is you. It is considered a key to your online existence whether it unlocks your smartphone, computers, email accounts, banking and credit cards, or website accounts. Losing a password means losing the entire existence. The researchers have proved that no password can be 100% secure as hackers can steal […]

  • WhatsApp

    WhatsApp now makes text formatting slicker

    WhatsApp has always been making efforts to make its conversations look more visually interesting. The recent update has made the app’s formatting functionality more improved. Now, the app allows the users to change the appearance of their messages by emphasizing certain phrases or words. Before the update, users had to remember the range of commands […]

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