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  • donald trump

    Tech companies teaming up against Trump

    Trump’s travel ban has opposed by major tech companies in US. But now all the leading companies have joined hands in order be pitted against the President’s policy. Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and many other tech companies have decided to stand against the ban. The companies are standing in one row because they consider […]

  • facebook-onoff

    Tired of Political news, posts on Facebook?

    Are you one of those who hate political news, posts on your Facebook newsfeed?. There is some good news, now you can filter the politics heavy posts from your News feed. In USA, during elections, millions of searches were done for “Hillary Clinton” or “Donald Trump” on Google and Facebook and same goes for worldwide. In-case […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 13.41.45

    Trump’s immigration policy not supported by Ford

    Barring people of seven Muslim-majority nations to enter US, Trump’s signed orders have created havoc among many countries. Donald Trump’s immigration order is not very well received by the leading companies. Among the protests of all the leading tech giants in Silicon Valley, automakers were silent on the issue up till now. Recently Ford CEO […]

  • Google plus

    $4M crisis fund raised by Google to support immigration

    The debate over President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy has gone pretty strong. This seven-country immigration ban is facing a lot of criticism by the Tech companies. In order to support the employees who have been affected with this policy, CEOs and individuals of the companies are willing to risk retribution from federal government. Moreover […]

  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp iPhone users will be able to send offline messages

    Communication has become a lot easier with the internet connection. But there is nothing we can do to send a message when there is no internet connection available. In the past, you’d be completely out of luck. But now the iPhone WhatsApp users can send messages to the outside world with its recently updated iOS […]

  • China

    China has 731 million internet users

    The reports state that China has acquired 731 million internet users with 53.1 percent of the population online. For the end of 2016, the latest figure shows that it has nearly doubled the 2009 tally. It shows data from the official China Internet Network Information Centre. The information indicates that China’s mobile internet users have […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 14.27.28

    Testing of USB phone charging stations in public transport buses by Japan

    Having an access to a phone charging station is considered a blessing when your iPhone’s battery is about to end in a public transport. Keeping this need in mind, japan is introducing USB phone charging stations in public transport buses. In Tokyo area, USB charging station for commuter phones and tablets is being tested in […]

  • Hot


    NameCheap is offering free domains for students

    As part of an education initiative to get students online, NameCheap is presenting free domains to current students from UK, US, Canada, and Australian universities. The NameCheap student package is available in a bundle including discounted third level domains, free web hosting, as well as personalized email address. For users, organizations, and repositories GitHub Pages […]

  • mobile battery

    Battery with an inbuilt fire extinguisher is developed

    A lithium-ion battery containing a fire extinguishing material has been designed by researchers in case the battery gets overheated. Inside a shell sits a flame retardant triphenyl phosphate (TPP) with in the electrolyte fluid. When the temperatures increase to 150C (302F), the shell dissolves and releases a chemical compound. Experiments showed that the battery fires […]

  • mark-zuckerberg

    Facebook plans to invest more than $3 billion in VR

    VR revolution is considered to have accelerated the world of AR and VR. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now looking forward to boot up its platform by bringing VR revolution. He is considering virtual reality as a future computing platform that his company can possibly own. He is completely aware of the fact that it’s […]

  • Google plus

    Google+ won’t go

    As people started considering Google as a primary source of information on the internet, Google wanted Google+ to be the primary route for humans to experience other people online. It was so considerate of Google to connect people through different circles rather than adding everyone into the friends list. Google+ was once supposed to kill […]

  • google

    Google Drive goes down

    Google Drive seems to be running into some serious issues today. The services began to slow down around 8AM PT today. Many users (mostly in USA) see Google’s version of the spinning beach ball instead of their stored files. Since Drive is the backbone and links to many other Google services, the slowness and not loading […]

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