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    Facebook now adds private chat in Live videos

    Sharing the screen with a friend can make going live more fun and interactive. But sometimes it becomes a myriad of absurd comments. But now Facebook is making it a lot easier by allowing its users to have a private conversation during a Facebook’s live videos. The platform enables users to watch live videos privately […]


    Don’t ask the insensitive question “How are you”?

    Our life is a complex web of people whom we relate to on various levels for various things. These are the people we know and see in our daily or weekly activities. With these folks, we exchange pleasantries and sometimes discuss the events around us in a basic way and do not go much beyond […]

  • Compare Cell Phone Specs - Features

    Smart replies to Gmail on iOS and Android

    Reading emails is pretty easy while you are on the go, but it takes an effort to respond to every one of the emails. Google has an update if you are going through this type of situation. The company has introduced Smart Reply. This is a feature that creates automated responses based on email content […]

  • Alexa Developers -

    Get Opt-in Notifications with Amazon’s Alexa

    It’s been quiet long that we have become used to talking to our technology. Six years ago, Apple launched its digital assistant Siri and then there started a trend of voice-controlled gadgets. Now the industry experts are hoping to get more comfortable as Amazon is bossing around tech. With this new feature, Amazon’s Alexa is […]

  • mac-apple

    10.5-inch iPad Pro coming next month

    It’s a fact that tablets don’t upgrade very quickly, but it looks like Apple is looking to rekindle consumers’ relation with iPads by soon releasing its latest redesigned tablet. According to recent reports, Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be available next months. According to an authorized retailer’s stock system shared that for iPad 10.5-inch, the […]

  • apple

    Apple’s Siri could work in noisy environments, Patent report

    For ages, scientists and fiction writers worked on personal assistants. The mechanical machine that walked and talked like a glorified butler was an anthropomorphic. The evolution of digital era moved us away from that original version towards something that is more ephemeral. Now a fancy animation on a screen accompanied by a synthesized voice waits […]

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    concept of the coworking center, business meeting

    Skills that pay off forever

    In everyday life, people don’t have enough time to dedicate to learning all new skills. But the act of learning can really improve you and enable you to do things in the future that are beyond your current possibilities. It indicates that more time should be spent in learning skills that yield the greatest benefit. […]

  • snapchat

    New creative tools by SnapChat

    Due to heavy reliance on millennial, maintaining a high engagement level is extremely challenging for a company such as SnapChat. Among all the companies that had early leads while entering the competitive arena, SnapChat is considered one of the early adopters as well as trendsetters. After every short period of time, the company launches major […]

  • google

    Google is paying 306 million euros ($334 million) for settling tax disputes in Italy

    In Italy, Alphabet has been accused of evading taxes by booking income earned in higher-taxing European markets through a unit based in low-tax Ireland. Because of which the multinational was under investigation in Italy for allegedly evading about 1 billion Euros of the Italian taxes between 2009 and 2013. A proposal from Google to pay […]

  • Slackhq freelancers

    Slack is making it easier for freelancers, administrators

    The cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack that was aimed for organizational communication has been slowly turning into a community platform. It has been making efforts to streamline the process for granting temps and  an access to a team’s communication. Although the administration always has the authority to selectively give guest account access to certain channels […]

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