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  • startup

    5 career myths that might be holding you back

    Career planning cannot be doomed to myths but unfortunately, there is plenty of outdated information around that brings your career to a screeching halt. It becomes worse if you keep holding on to those false beliefs. The best way is to let them go and focus on taking advantage of the opportunities that come in […]

  • China

    China’s supercomputers ace to world dominance and win over US

    Supercomputers are the enormous machines that have the ability to occupy entire buildings. By reconstructing billions of years of the universe’s history, these computers are helpful in simulating nuclear weapons explosions, designing aircraft, investigating the cosmos etc. For the first time, China has been able to dominate the list of 500 fastest computers and has […]

  • billgates

    Bill Gates to Build a ‘Smart City’ Near Phoenix

    Bill Gates, the technology billionaire has planned to build world’s first purpose smart city in Arizona. He wants to create a forward-thinking community with communication and infrastructure spine that embraces the modern technology. For this purpose, Bill Gates has recently bought 25,000 acre of undeveloped land for $80 M. The land has been purchased by […]

  • bitcoin

    Bitcoin takes a huge nosedive in few hours, price Falls

    Bitcoin price dips rapidly as market drops below $6,500. Just within few hours, the price of Bitcoin fell down more than 8%, continuing losses as the cryptocurrency slipped below $6,500 level. It’s a quick $800 price drop from $7000+ price per coin with in couple of days. At the time of writing this article, the price stands at […]

  • meditade

    Five step process to bring a change in your life

    Just thinking about changing without doing anything is actually how you start to change. it gives you an idea what you want to change and how you want to change it before you actually do. But in the middle of thinking about changing most people get stuck because they think they actually are not doing […]

  • confident

    4 ways to be more confident at work

    When you look around, you find very few people that are happy, fulfilled, and leading a purposeful life. It feels as if the majority of them has settled for average and has decided to just get by their lives. Certain conditions make them unable to be to respond bravely in the outer world. They just […]

  • gates

    Bill Gates says you need this one thing at a young age to achieve success

    Self confidence is one important trait to develop because it gives you the courage to overcome the stumbling blocks that hinder the growth in your life. According to Bill Gates, this is one important quality young people should possess to help find their passion in life. His passion for software and computers and his confidence in […]

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    NCB Electrical

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  • think outside

    4 ways to get the most out of networking

    Networking is the most crucial element for an entrepreneur, it is the only way they can meet clients and contacts to grow their business. But a good networker should know the secrets to get the most out of an event or a conference. The events and conferences that are even held for the whole day […]

  • Jack Ma

    One thing I learned as a teacher – Jack Ma

    The richest man in China with net worth of 40 billion has shared his journey from rags to riches in previous posts. In this video, he talks about his teaching days and Bill gates. Watch the video Also See: Jack Ma’s 21 Laws Of Success