Trademor Signs Up for Extreme Commerce’s VBC, Offers Exclusive Course

Trademor Offers An Exclusive Course on The VBC in Partnership with Extreme Commerce

Trademor, one of the Authorized Channel Partners of, has become the first company to release an exclusive course on the new VBC – How to Sell on In it, instructor Aqib Ali offers detailed insight into how the world’s largest B2B marketplace operates. Also, how sellers can start a business on the platform and expand their reach to a global audience of buyers.

If you’re a Pakistani working in the E-commerce field, chances are you’ve heard of Extreme Commerce (EC), Pakistan’s number 1 E-commerce company, and their widely talked-about course, the Video Boot Camp (VBC). The company was founded in 2017 by the magnanimous and charismatic Sunny Ali, a Pakistani businessman residing in Malaysia.

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Mr. Ali envisioned the creation of a knowledge-sharing community and ecosystem where people of like-minded interests could come together and learn how to thrive in the growing e-commerce space. Their initial focus was on selling on Amazon, however, since then they’ve branched out into a multitude of fields. All of the information offered by EC culminates in their official online course, the VBC. 

The VBC offers practical knowledge on more than a hundred different subjects, including how to sell on E-commerce platforms like Daraz, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, and now, Alibaba. While it costs $130 to purchase the VBC Pro and $199 for VBC Premium, according to one statistic, 98% of VBC students have not had to pay for it as the criteria state that if your monthly income is below PKR 80,000, you may apply for free access to the course.

From a business standpoint, that may not seem like a wise decision, however, the idea behind the VBC is to empower Pakistani citizens to succeed in the eCommerce ecosphere and enhance their presence on a global scale. Sunny Ali’s grand vision is to see Pakistan be known as the hub of Ecommerce where the total earning potential of all those connected with EC exceeds 1 Billion Dollars. When one thinks of Amazon or eCommerce in general, the region that comes to mind should be Pakistan and the talented professionals there that are ready to offer the best services possible.

Until now, there has not been a course on how to sell on, only how to buy from it. That is where Trademor’s affiliation with EC comes to light. Its course offers advanced knowledge for individuals and businesses intent on exporting their products to international markets, and the way they find buyers is through Aqib Ali, a senior-level employee at Trademor, has created a well-structured course to enlighten Pakistanis of the tremendous, time-limited opportunity to capture a sizeable market share in each product category before the market becomes saturated and highly competitive.

Those who invest now can have unprecedented access to buyers from all around the world and potentially do business worth tens of thousands of dollars. Think Amazon private label in 2015 or Bitcoin when it only cost a dollar. Invest now, and reap exponentially higher returns later. 

*To get access to the VBC by Extreme Commerce, click here. The course offered by Trademor can be accessed here.


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