Facebook suspends and blocks few Pakistani accounts for violating community standards

Not sure if it is a bug or perhaps there’s a keyword set in moderators’ alert that gets an account temporarily suspended once that keyword is detected — lots of Pakistani Facebook accounts have been suspended last evening.

The Story:

A religious scholar’s death was announced by Facebook profiles and pages yesterday. Followers in huge numbers turned up to Facebook to post about the death of Alama Rizvi only to find out that Facebook flagged their posts for violating its community standards.

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A common penalty for violating the terms and conditions of community standards is a three to four weeks temporary block. Users are blocked from using Facebook Live and use an Ad account for advertisement on the Pages.

To find out how many people in my friends’ list and followers have suffered from this violation, I created a Facebook post. I asked people to drop their screenshots of blocks and to my surprise, many people commented, mostly showing pictures of the demise and announcing his death, and then received the warning for violating the terms.


How many of you have got your FB accounts restricted yesterday for 30 days?

I want to cover your screenshots in an article on BeingGuru so comment, please. Let’s tell the world about this episode 🙂

Posted by Hisham Sarwar on Friday, November 20, 2020

I am not sure how these posts really violate the Facebook community standards because all these accounts have done is announce the news of his death and that’s something pretty common all over the world.

Some accounts are permanently blocked because of their previous history of repeatedly violating community standards while the majority are handed over a temporary ban.

Facebook is fighting hard to curb all misformative and misleading posts. Earlier this year, we have seen posts related to the COVID-19 outbreak being flagged and also in some other cases, users being warned for posting FALSE information.

This however seems like a mistake. If you are affected too, please drop a comment.


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