Mark Zuckerberg phone number leaked; uses Signal App

Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number was among the leaked data of 533 million Facebook users

There’s a huge concern raised all over the world over Facebook data leaks consisting of 533 million users. Surprisingly, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal information including his phone number is also among the leaked data. Mark’s private information such as birth date, location, the Facebook user ID is revealed in the compromised data. A security researcher, allegedly with access to leaked data reveals, Mark Zuckerberg uses the Signal app. The researcher disclosed the information by posting his phone number online. The number is linked to the Signal app.

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This news comes at a crucial time when users outraged with Whatsapp’s new privacy policy. Users switched to Signal app over privacy concerns with the Whatsapp policy that is stated to come into effect from May 2021.

The database of private information and stolen phone numbers of 533M Facebook users was posted to the Hackers forum and is publically accessible.

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