1Billion Downloads of Google Translate Application

google translation

Google apps are the most in-demand applications in the world because of the fact that they are free  One of the most successful applications is Google Translate. The app has achieved a major milestone of more than 1billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

The application was launched 10 years ago and has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. It is user-friendly and with great accuracy in the translation. The Dictionary of the application for different languages is huge and up to date.

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Google Translation was first launched in January 2010. The application was updated frequently, not only features but also the UI of the application has been changing over time. UI/UX of the application is always up to date. This is why the application is the most popular app for the last 10 years.

The application is not included in the Google Mobile Services core application package. These downloads of over 1 billion are from the users downloading the application from the Google Play store, not from the OEMs. This huge number of downloads is not unexpected as the application is very useful and Free for the users.

109 languages are included in this application. User has the facilities like translation, pronunciation, offline translation, camera translation in these 109 languages. There is dark mode also for the users. Camera translation is available for 30 languages in real-time.

The application is compatible with any application. The user just selects the text and a pop-up appears that translates the text. It has the ability to translate in 52 languages off-line and comes with a handwriting feature in which characters of more than 93 languages can be drawn.

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