WhatsApp Gold is going to steal all your mobile data

A number of WhatsApp users have reported receiving messages in which they are urged to sign up for the service through the WhatApp Gold website. This is something users are being tricked into for downloading an apparently exclusive version of the app. but in reality, this version of WhatsApp infects mobiles with malware.

This has been going on since 2016 where users have been receiving such messages. They are invited to upgrade to the WhatsApp Gold that offers a range of extra features that includes video chats, an ability to send over 100 photographs at once and the ability to delete the messages that have already been sent.

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But it has been seen that once the users click on the link, it is directed to a malicious website and then they are instructed to download a piece of software which is malicious.

From here, the software infects the device and gives the ability to cyber criminals to steal the sensitive information along with tracking the movements or the device activity. It has been observed that mainly the Android users have been affected by these kinds of fraudulent messages.

Another common tactic that is used in chainmail campaigns where it has been claimed from What Sapp that it will charge a fee or deactivate the account and takes advantage of the user’s fear and lack of knowledge of the cybersecurity.

But users should be aware that warning like these are scams and can easily be understood with the poorly written messages. More often than not, these messages are often designed to irritate the smartphone users. They should not be forwarded and should be immediately deleted. You should only download the apps that come with Google Play Store or the App Store and if you are in a doubt of the new app, you should never install it.

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