BeingGuru 2.0 “FREE” Cohort#3 begins Monday. Learn Freelancing, Digital Marketing, & Blogging in two weeks

Good News!

It is here again. BeingGuru 2.0 Cohort#3 kicks-off Monday, 8th March. After the amazing success of 1st two batches, the third Cohort is focused on a full one week of Freelancing classes that will teach you to get orders from Fiverr, win proposals on, UpWork and also teach you to get freelance work from social media by creating your new social media presence.

Here is what you will learn in two weeks.

  • What is Freelancing
  • How to build your profile on Fiverr and other marketplaces
  • How to do GIG analysis
  • Create free graphics
  • Rank your GIG
  • Create portfolio “FREE”
  • Build traditional marketplace profile
  • Learn to bid that wins projects
  • Use Craigslist to find new opportunities
  • Use LinkedIn to find new opportunities
  • Niche/Keyword analysis for your new blog
  • Setup affiliate programs
  • Signup for Google Adsense
  • Get sponsored posts on your blog
  • Learn how to rank on Google
  • Learn how to get work from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Guess what, the whole two weeks Cohort is 100% Free, yes absolutely Free with no strings attached.

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To enroll in the program, you will have to fill the form and follow all instructions. Signup Here

For easy participation, a Facebook closed group is created so students can get up-to-date information about classes, courses. Join the closed Facebook group by clicking Here.

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